Cheesecloth Ghosts

Making Cheesecloth Ghosts is a fun and easy Halloween craft – so easy, my toddler was able to make her own, along with her big sisters!

Be sure to allow enough time for the ghosts to dry overnight before decorating


Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Sta-Flo liquid starch
  • cheesecloth (available at craft stores and some grocery stores)
  • a glass Mason jar
  • balloons
  • a cookie sheet to use as a work surface
  • decorations, such as google eyes, ribbons, etc.


Sta-Flo liquid starch can be tricky to find. Try your local grocery store first, as my Target, Walmart and Walgreens did NOT carry it! It’s affordable and will last. We made 3 ghosts and still have half a bottle of starch left for another project.


Cut the cheesecloth into strips, it doesn’t matter the size, but depends on the size of ghost you want to make, and the number you are making. Put the cheesecloth into a bowl filled with Sta-Flo liquid starch.


Mix it up, using tongs. Again, even a toddler can do this!


Make sure it is entirely saturated with starch.

Before you remove it from the bowl, blow up a balloon (you can also use a foam ball) and place on top of the Mason jar. This will help create the head shape of your ghost. Place the Mason jar on a cookie sheet, so you won’t have a mess, as the starch drips and dries.


Wring the cheesecloth out, spread it open, and begin draping it over the balloon and Mason jar. You can spread it to create the shape you like.

Let it dry overnight.


Decorate your ghost using whatever craft supplies you have around, such as googly eyes, foam stickers, and ribbon. Use craft glue to attach them to the dried cheesecloth.

Let the decorations completely dry, then pop the balloon and gently remove it. Gently peel the cheesecloth away from the Mason jar, and enjoy your new ghost family decorations!


We had so much fun with this project and the cheesecloth ghosts make great decorations around the house!

Written by Anne

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