Egg Shell Painting on Canvas

We eat a lot of eggs in my house. We even had our own backyard suburban chickens for a few years. At least once a month I make a big batch of egg muffins and freeze them for easy portable snacks and breakfasts. This time, however, I got creative with the leftover shells with an Egg Shell Painting activity.

Egg Shell Painting Action Art

Get Ready for Egg Shell Painting:

  1. Crack your eggs very carefully, only breaking the top fourth of the shell.
  2. Let the shell dry out for an hour or so.
  3. Fill each shell about 3/4 full of paint.

Egg Shell Painting

Egg Shell Painting:

  1. Set up a canvas outside. We set one up in the backyard against the fence. (Note: Your fence WILL get paint on it so be sure to set it up in a place where you don’t mind seeing a little color for a while; at least until it rains.)
  2. Then, let your toddler throw the paint filled egg shells onto the canvas.Egg Shell PaintingEgg shell painting is super fun, a little messy, but he loved it! Once we were finished and clean we hung it up and ate an egg muffin.

Egg Shell Painting

Written by Kelly

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