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Science Fair Projects for Kids

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Science Fair Projects for Kids always start with a question. A question about something they are wondering, want to figure out, or prove. It is important for your child’s Science fair project to be something they are curious about and although it is tempting as a parent to lead the way, let your child navigate the investigation and presentation. That being said, if you need some inspiration, check out these Science Fair Projects for Kids.

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Can you walk on eggs without cracking them?

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Does this work? How does it work? Why? from Steve Spangler Science

How do different liquids impact magnets?

 Science Fair Projects

Pick different liquids and experiment with how the density of those liquids impacts the strength of magnets. Check out how they did it at Cool Science Experiments.

How are your family member’s finger prints the same?

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Which family members have loops, whorls, or archs? Use the chart from Buggy and Buddy.

Which sunscreen protects better – spray or lotion?

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Experiment with different types of sunscreen (spray vs. lotion) or different brands of sunscreen. Check out how JDaniel4’s Mom conducted this experiment.

What can you bake or melt in a DIY solar oven?

Science Fair Projects for Kids

Follow these instructions at to make a DIY solar oven and experiment with what you can cook or melt in it or how it heats in different locations around your yard.


How do you arrange your information?


I like this board from Biology at Shaw High School simple to organize and easy to read, but anything that makes sense to your child will also work.



Download and print this free Scientific Method Worksheet to help guide your child or students through their experiment.