Corduroy Activities and Crafts

A creative collection of Corduroy activities and crafts to use with children inspired Corduroy by Don Freeman.

Corduroy Activities and Crafts

Paper Plate Corduroy

Make a paper plate Corduroy from I Heart Crafty Things.

Corduroy Button Sorting

Sort Corduroy’s buttons with this button sorting activity from About Family Crafts. You can sort them in these matching cups, sort them while lacing on a string or pipe cleaner, or use colored paper. Sort by color, shape, or size.

Corduroy Cookie Cutter Stamping

Use a bear shaped cookie cutter to stamp Corduroy onto paper and make his overalls with fabric or paint (from Artsy Momma).

Corduroy Tracing Activity

Corduroy inspired tracing activity from Toddler Approved

Corduroy Button Counting

Make your own Corduroy button counting cards like they did at Intentional by Grace.

Corduroy Button Necklace

Make a Corduroy Button Necklace like they did at My Joy Filled Life.

Corduroy Sewing

Using burlap, buttons, and plastic needles practice sewing for Corduroy like Playground Parkbench.

Corduroy Button Lacing Card

Corduroy inspired button lacing cards made with plastic lids from Preschool Alphabet

Corduroy Pocket Color Sorting

Sort colored craft sticks or buttons into matching pockets from Learning and Exploring Through Play

Corduroy Themed Sensory Tub

Make a Corduroy themed sensory tub with buttons and pipe cleaner trees like Hands on as We Grow.

Corduroy Puppet

Use this printable to make a Corduroy finger puppet from All Kids Network.

Pocket for Corduroy craft

Sew or glue a pocket for Corduroy like they did at Pre-K Pages.

Corduroy Button Chain

Make and connect a Corduroy inspired Felt Button Chain from A Crafty Living.

Corduroy Shape Game

Corduroy, Corduroy are you hiding under a triangle? Corduroy shape game from Jbrary.

Corduroy DIce Game

Try a Corduroy themed dice game like School Time Snippets. Two ways to play: Roll the die and cover that many numbers, first to 10 wins or roll the die and cover that specific numeral.

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