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15 Super Cool STEM Projects for Kids

15 Super Cool STEM Projects for Kids

STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. These 15 super cool STEM projects with have your kids asking questions, making predictions, problem solving, and communicating their findings. 

STEM Projects for Kids

STEM Projects for Kids

Tin Can Ice Cream by Hess Un-Academy is perfect for a warm day. I love how many things can be experimented with and learned with a few simple ingredients and a tin can!

Kitchen Staple Reactions by Any Reason is a classic baking soda and vinegar experiment with the addition of food coloring and cool jars. 

Marshmallow Building by STEAM Powered Family is the perfect activity for children of different ages to sit down and experiment together. The same materials (toothpicks and marshmallows) can be used by children young and old and create such different, amazing results. 

Sunscreen Painting by Team Cartwright is a fantastic combination of experimenting with Science concepts and learning an important lesson about protecting your skin from the sun. 


STEM Projects for Kids

Glow in the Dark Bouncy Balls by The Shirley Journey gets kids measuring, creating, and problem solving. It does include Borax so it isn’t intended for young children. 

Foaming Rainbows by 2 Kids and a Coupon takes baking soda and vinegar and uses them to mix and create a rainbow. So fun! 

Coffee Filter Parachutes by Easy Activities for Kids shows you how to make a parachute for a Lego character, but will also leave your child wanting to experiment further with the parachute concept by applying different weights, different heights, etc. 

Borax Crystal Flowers by In Our Spare Time creates a beautiful product while experimenting with a scientific reaction. Try it with other shapes in addition to flowers. 

STEM Projects for Kids

Seashell STEM Towers by Sweet Silly Sara is another project that can be done all together with kids of different ages. Making a tower out of anything is an interesting STEM challenge, but I love the use of dough and shells in this one. 

Glitter Hands Germ Experiment by The Soccer Mom explores how easily germs can be spread from person to person.

Easy Volcanoes by Life Anchored reminds of how important the classic volcano project is for kids. 

Nebula Jars by Mom Dot explores different facts about the galaxy. 

Rain Cloud in a Jar by The Best Ideas for Kids is a valuable experience and can be a catalyst for a discussion about the water cycle!

Leak Proof Bag Experiment by Fun Learning for Kids is so cool no matter how old you are!

Magic Milk by Living Life and Learning uses ingredients you have on hand at home. 

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