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Young Entrepreneurs – Kids Starting a Business

Young Entrepreneurs – Kids Starting a Business

I am so inspired by kids starting a business! When I was younger, there were two choices – mowing lawns or babysitting. Now with social media, kids thinking outside of the box, and parent encouragement, kids are starting their own businesses! 

The back story is my daughter got an awesome tie dyed sweatshirt in the mail from a friend and it was noted that it was purchased from their friend’s business. I immediately had questions and wanted to know more so I sat down (over Zoom) with the Irelyn and Samantha, the two 7th graders that founded Sam and I Design

Sam and I Design


How Sam and I Design Started:

  • Irelyn and Samantha were inspired by a friend of theirs that started a business and so they decided to put their own idea into action.
  • They worked at perfecting their tie dye techniques for two months before they opened their business. 
  • Sam and I Design has now expanded their inventory to include jewelry. 
  • They started on Instagram, but have the goal of opening an Etsy store soon.

How Their Parents Helped:

  • Their parents supported the idea of starting their own business by helping them with the initial investment of materials. 
  • They helped them safely set up an instagram account that is tied to their parent account. 
  • Their parents helped them set up a Paypal account and open a debit account. 
  • Encouraged, encouraged, encouraged!

Kids Starting a Business

What Kids Starting a Business Learn:

  • Making a Plan
  • Commitment and Determination
  • Investment and Profit Margins
  • Supply and Demand
  • Advertising Techniques
  • Communication and Teamwork
  • Problem Solving Skills

I hope this inspires other kids to give their idea a try and parents to encourage and support their children to do so!

Check out Sam and I Design on Instagram.


Monday 29th of November 2021

Awesome content and tips that every parents can follow through on teaching their kids about business.