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Ice Cream Activities for Preschool Kids

Ice Cream Activities for Preschool Kids

This collection of ice cream activities is a fun way to celebrate Summer and make learning fun! Did you know July is national ice cream month? These educational activities will help you celebrate with your favorite young children. 


Ice Cream Printables


Play the Ice Cream Game


This simple Ice Cream Scoop Game is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. Simply download the FREE template, print, cut, and play. We loved playing this over and over again. It teaches taking turns, winning and losing, visual discrimination, and counting. The first player to get each of the 4 flavors of ice cream scooops wins. 


Free, Printable Ice Cream Games and Different Ways to Play

In this FREE ice cream dice game, the challenge is to roll to claim each part of the ice cream cone. Once you have all of the scoops and a cone, you win. 

Spell your name with ice cream scoops with this free printable from Parenting Chaos. This simple activity is a fun way to learn to spell your name or even sight words. 

Ice Cream Theme Activities

Make Ice Cream in a Bag

It’s time for real ice cream. You can get a scoop of ice cream from the store or you can try a science experiment. Making ice cream in a bag really works! Check out our Ice Cream in a Bag recipe and see why it works. Sprinkle on a few chocolate chips for a sweet treat.


How about edible play dough? Kimspired DIY shares an edible play dough recipe that would be great for ice cream themed sensory play in a pretend ice cream store!

Ice Cream Pretend Play

Make your own ice cream shop or dramatic play center with supplies you already have on hand.

Ice Cream Sensory Bin


  • large pom poms (scoops of ice cream)
  • small pom poms (sprinkles or other toppings)
  • red pom poms (cherries)
  • large bowl
  • small bowls
  • plastic spoon
  • construction paper (little ice cream cones)
  • tweezers or tongs – great for developing fine motor skills

You can make order forms and place ice cream orders with a certain number of scoops or flavors. This will challenge little learners to count and sort. We made the ice cream cones from paper that we taped into a cone shape.



Ice Cream Crafts

Make your own puffy paint ice cream cone (from Crafty Morning). Can’t you imagine the smell of mint chocolate chip just looking at this ice cream art? The secret ingredient is shaving cream. 

This cotton ball ice cream craft from Toddler at Play is such a great idea and can be done with kids of all ages. Make the ice cream cone first with construction paper and cotton balls and then water down paint and use a dropper to transfer the paint to the cotton balls.  

I love paper plate crafts because I always have paper plates on hand. Make a paper plate ice cream cone (directions at Easy Peasy and Fun). 

We hope you love these learning activities as much as we do! What will you try first?