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DIY Bath Toys for Toddlers

DIY Bath Toys for Toddlers

These DIY bath toys for toddlers are sure to make bath time so much fun. Little kids love water play in the bath tub! Here are some simple ways that you can create homemade bath toys for hours of fun!

Squirt the Shape Game


I love this game because of how many skills are being practiced. From fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination to colors, shapes, and vocabulary like big/small, above/below this is a fun way to practice so many things. 

Take craft foam sheets from any local craft store and cut them into different shapes. When the craft foam gets wet, it can stick to the shower wall or the side of the tub. Challenge your child to squirt a certain color or certain shape. We used a turkey baster, but you can also use a spray bottle or squirt gun. This game also works well with the foam bath letters that you can buy in the stores. This game is great for hand-eye coordination. Spraying the spray bottle builds strength in little hands and fingers which helps to build fine motor skills.

Craft Foam Toys

Because craft foam sticks to the sides of the tub and floats, it really is the perfect material for awesome bath toys. 

  • Cut it into fish shapes and go fishing.
  • Make pieces of food out of craft foam like pancakes, a donut, pizza, or a banana. Use a spatula to play restaurant.
  • Use the foam to make boats that your child’s favorite characters can balance on.
  • Make cars and a road out of foam to race along the side of the tub.
  • Cut out eyes, noses, and mouths to make silly faces on tub wall. 
  • Make flowers with circles and ovals.
  • Build houses with triangles, squares, and rectangles. 
  • Use shapes to make robots. 
  • Create bath tub monsters with different shapes. 
  • Cut out an orange pumpkin and different shapes out of black foam to make a jack o lantern. 
  • Build a snowman with white foam circles and accessories. 


Pool Noodles

Pool noodles are great for outside fun, but you can also use them in the bath tub. Use a kitchen knife to slice the pool noodles into 1 inch pieces. The pool noodle slices will float on top of the bath water.

  • How many pool noodles can you stack?
  • Catch a blue noodle. 
  • Can a noodle hold your pet dinosaur?
  • Lace the noodles. Tie the end of a long shoe string around one noodle slice. Challenge your toddler to thread the rest of the noodle slices onto the string. 


Plastic Bottles


Turn a milk jug into a bath toy scoop like they did at Crafty Journal. Scoop up craft foam fish or pool noodle pieces with this scooper. The toys stay in and the water can drain from the spout of the jug. Leave the cap off or for smaller toys, poke holes in the cap to drain. 



Make a watering can with a plastic water bottle like they did at DIY n Crafts. Give your favorite characters a shower or rinse away the bath paint. 

Add funnels and plastic jugs to the bath. Scoop and pour water with spoons and cups. This is sensory play at its finest! Even different sizes of plastic caps and lids make for fun exploration! 


DIY Bath Paint

Mix together shaving cream and a couple drops of food coloring. Give your child a paint brush and let them create. It is easy to give it a quick wash and rinse it away. Plus, it’s lots of fun to use!

Make your own bath crayons with simple ingredients like they did at Lou Lou Girls. This is another great way to have fun creating in the bath tub!


Bath Toy Storage Hack


I love this bath toy storage hack from The Inspired Home! She used a plastic tension rod, plastic baskets that you can find at dollar stores, and shower curtain hooks to create this organization. What a great way to have the toys low enough so your child can help put the toys away. The good news is the holes in the baskets allow for excess water to drain and it is right above the tub so it all stays there to dry and it’s ready for the next bath time. 

Lydie Out Loud shows you how to use a dollar tree basket and command hooks to organize their bath toys. This is another alternative that I think is a great organization hack. 


Ready for more? Check out our other bath time games that include great ideas like glow sticks, colored ice cubes, and bath fizzies. 


Pink & Green Mama

Wednesday 5th of August 2009

This is a great idea, I love to make bath toys with craft foam for the girls. I think this would be a fun new texture to introduce!! Fondly, MaryLea (aka Pink and Green Mama)

Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Monday 3rd of August 2009

Great idea! I think you can do the same thing with fun foam too. You have a lot of good ideas, I'm really enjoying your blog! :)


Saturday 25th of July 2009

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