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Bath Time Games for Toddlers

Bath Time Games for Toddlers
If you are struggling to get your young children into the bath, bath time games are a great way to make it fun. If your child’s bath is the best part of their day, then these fun bath time activities are a way to take that bath time fun up a notch.
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Glow Stick Bath

Grab a couple of packs of glow sticks the next time you’re at the dollar store. Drop them in the water and turn off the lights. Your kids will love their technicolor tub! This is a simple way to make bath time interesting for those toddlers that are hesitant to get in. To end bath time, challenge fine motor skills by dropping the glow sticks into an empty water bottle.


bathtub games


Catch the Color Cube

Use a drop of food coloring in each well of an ice cube tray to make colorful ice cubes. Now go ice fishing! Drop them in a tub and see if your tots can catch them before they melt into the water!


bathtub games


Homemade Bath Paint

Using a silicone muffin pan or plastic cups, squirt some shaving cream in each section. Add a drop or two of different colors of food coloring and give your tots a paint brush. They can paint the tub, each other, or themselves! Then, wash it all away with bath water at the end. 



Bath Fizzies

Make Bath Fizzies for kids. This is a fun way for older children to get involved in helping to make them. Do you want to be a scientist at bath time? Your little ones will love to watch the chemical reaction as the fizzies hit the bath water.



Water Balloons

Learning 4 Kids gave us this idea for a water balloon bath. The balloons float and are slippery and squishy in the water. Try to catch a red balloon. Can you get all of the balloons to one side of the tub? Try to catch a ballon with your feet. This is a simple way to make bath time fun!



Squirt the Shapes Game

Take craft foam sheets from any local craft store and cut them into different foam shapes. When the craft foam gets wet, it can stick to the shower wall or the side of the tub. Challenge your child to squirt a certain color or certain shape. This is the perfect time to practice those skills in a fun way. We used a turkey baster, but you can also use a spray bottle or squirt gun. This game is great for hand-eye coordination.


Bath Tub Water Wall

How about an amazing water wall from The Brooding Hen! All you need are pieces of pvc pipe, a drill, and suction cups. I love how kids can experiment with different configurations and water flow while they are getting cleaned up. 


Pretend Play

If your child is focused on pretend play, they will barely notice when they are getting their hair washed. Here are several ideas to inspire you:

  • Have a tea party.
  • Bring your matchbox cars to the car wash. 
  • Give your princesses the royal treatment with a bubble bath. 
  • Make a pond for your plastic frogs with craft foam cut into circles to make lily pads. 
  • Use a large bowl, ice cubes, soap, and spoons to make a special bath time soup. 


Sink or Float?

Challenge your little scientist to gather 5 things (from the play room or kitchen) before bath time that can get wet. Then, experiment with whether the items will sink or float. You may want to have a basket of items that you’ve collected ahead of time to continue experimenting with for the rest of bath time. 



The kids love these fun bath time activities and I can usually sneak in a good hair wash before they even notice! Ready for more? Check out our DIY Bath Toys! These include bath crayons, pool noodles, and recycling plastic containers to have so much fun.


Monday 2nd of April 2012

We make shaving cream paint often and my boys love it. Thanks for the idea of using glow sticks, I hadn't thought of that. I tried it out with my three year old and he thought it was great!

Bambina felice

Monday 12th of March 2012

Wonderful ideas! Just today I was thinking of what we could do in the bathtub, since we are all a bit bored of the old plastic ducks and crabs. Thanks for sharing!

JoAnn Jordan

Saturday 10th of March 2012

I wish I'd had these ideas when my daughter was little. How cool!