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Fox Shape Craft for Kids (free printable)

Fox Shape Craft for Kids (free printable)

This cute fox craft is easy peasy to make and a fun way to learn about shapes as kids cut and paste them together. I love kids crafts that can be made with common materials you have around the house. 

This adorable fox shape craft is perfect to make after reading the book, The Mitten by Jan Brett. There are so many wonderful stories where the fox is the mischievous or tricky character like The Gingerbread Man or Fantastic Mr. Fox. This craft would work with those stories too. 

Did you know that foxes have excellent hearing which they use to hunt, mostly at night. They can even hear rodents digging under the ground! Foxes make about 40 different sounds from howls to yelps. A fox is a solitary animal. They don’t run in packs. However, you might see a group of a mom and her cubs. 


fox shape craft


Craft Supplies

  • Construction paper
  • fox template
  • Googly eyes (optional)
  • Scissors
  • Glue Stick



Print the fox template onto card stock. Cut out the craft shapes and trace the shapes onto the colored construction paper. Then, cut out those shapes.  

If you have colored card stock, you could print the printable template directly onto it. Another option is to print it onto white card stock, cut and paste the fox, and then use paint to finish it. 

Note: You can make this an arctic fox craft by switching to a white template and adding the colors white and grey. 


fox shape craft


This paper fox includes the shapes: rectangle, triangle, and circle. The fox’s head is made from two different sized triangles. The fox’s face includes a circle nose and googly eyes that you can find at your local craft store. You could also use paper circles for eyes. 

Glue the head onto the top of the body and the tail onto the back of the fox. 


For younger children, you can have each unfinished craft shape cut out and ready for the child to put it together with a glue stick.

For older children who can benefit from extra scissors practice, invite them to cut out the shapes on their own. Card stock is the easiest paper to cut for beginners just starting to work with scissors. Working with scissors strengthens fine motor skills. 


Fox shape craft

With so many different shapes and sizes of triangles, this is a great way to get experience with how triangles can be different. They can be skinny or fat. Triangles can be long or short. It is a great thing to point out in this activity. 

Preschool Fox Crafts

Here are more fox preschool crafts using simple materials. 

I love paper plate crafts! Here’s a paper plate fox that you can make in just a few simple steps. Handprint crafts can be done by cutting your handprint from paper or by painting your hand and stamping it. Check out this cute handprint fox craft. You can even try a cupcake liner fox craft. This craft involves folding and gluing and makes a super cute fox. 


Preschool Shape Crafts

Looking for more shape crafts? Check out our raccoon shape craft. This craft goes great with the book, The Kissing Hand. 

This Winter try a snowman shape craft

Make shapes with candles and this free printable. We always have extra candles on hand so this was a fun activity using what we already had.