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Fun and Simple Preschool Magnet Experiments

Fun and Simple Preschool Magnet Experiments

Experimenting with magnets is so much fun and can be as simple as an open ended exploration. If you aren’t sure where to start, here are some preschool magnet experiments that kids will love. 

Fun Magnet Activities

Our favorite magnet activity for young children is to experiment with a magnet and small items to see what is magnetic and what is not. This old favorite is great fun and the possibilities are endless as young kids explore this concept.

Magnetic vs. Non Magnetic Experiment

Types of Magnets

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magnet wand

horseshoe magnets

bar magnet


Items to Experiment with

  • paper clips
  • pipe cleaners (cut into pieces)
  • pom poms
  • metal objects
  • plastic toys
  • fridge magnets
  • jingle bells
  • nuts and bolts


Use the magnet wand or a strong magnet to see which items are magnetic and which items are not. Sort the everyday items onto the Magnetic Recording Sheet


Magnetic Marble Mazes

Combine magnetic marbles and a magnetic wand with this free printable. Get the marbles from one side of the maze to the other. This is a fun challenge that you can try with the wand below the maze or above it to guide the magnetic marble. 


Mini Magnet Mazes

Use a paper plate and magnatiles to make a miniature maze. Then try to move and tilt the paper plate to get a non magnetic marble through the maze. This is so much fun and young kids will love to make these mazes over and over again. You could also use the bottom of a box to make the maze. 


Magnet Pendulum

With a string and magnet play with this pendulum to experiment with so many Science concepts. How close does the magnet need to be to pick up objects? What angle should the pendulum be swung at to successfully grab the items?


Magnetic Slime

​Check out how to make slime magnetic with a few simple ingredients. You do need a special magnet for this experiment. 


Here are a few quick and easy experiments with iron filings to try if you have those on hand. You can buy iron filings HERE.

Magnetic sensory bottles are a great way for young children to experiment in a mess free way. This is a fun activity for toddlers or a great idea to put in a Science center. 


Facts About Magnets

Here are a few things you should know about magnets that you can share your knowledge about as your kids discover them through experimenting. 

  • Every magnet has a north pole and a south pole. Two of the same poles repel each other and opposite poles attract each other. 
  • Magnets produce a magnetic force. You can’t see it with your eyes, but can see the pull of it when using iron fillings to experiment with. 
  • There are different types of magnets.
  • The Earth is one big magnet with a magnetic force and a north pole and south pole. 
  • A compass uses Earth’s magnetic field to guide you in the right direction. 


Children of all ages love to try easy magnet experiments! There are so many great ideas here, which one will you try first?



Montessori Moments

Friday 8th of January 2010

Hey, I love this! I have done this activity before too, but I love all your items!Thanks for sharing


Thursday 7th of January 2010

Thanks for linking up!

Mama to 3 Blessings

Thursday 7th of January 2010

What a great experiment! Good idea - gathering items around the house too! :)Nicole

Raising a Happy Child

Thursday 7th of January 2010

This is an experiment after my own heart - no big prep necessary and fully self-directed. Thanks for sharing it!


Thursday 7th of January 2010

How fun! I so wish we had a Lakeshore Learning store near us!

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