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Fun Feather Activities and Crafts for Kids

Fun Feather Activities and Crafts for Kids

Are you looking for ways to explore, experiment, or create with different types of feathers? You’ve come to the right place! These feather activities for kids are so much fun for young children. 

​Fun Feather Activities

feather fun

Feathers and Wind

The first feather activity is one that you should try today! Get out a fan and a handful of artificial feathers. You can find these at your local craft store. Experiment with wind by letting go of the feathers in front of the fan. Hold them in different spots to see where you can send the feather flying. Young learners will spend a lot of time exploring this. 



​Falling Feathers

 Much like our Falling Flowers activity, one person stands on a chair drops craft feathers one at a time. The other person stands on the ground holding a bucket and trying to catch the feathers that are falling. This is a fun and challenging game. It is a great way to experiment with gravity and strengthen hand-eye coordination. 



Feather Lacing

This is a great fine motor activity and is a fun way to practice sorting and color recognition. Buy colorful feathers and pony beads. Children can thread each of the beads onto the matching colored feathers. Start at the tip of the feather and push the bead toward the top. 

Cutting Feathers

This is another great idea for strengthening fine motor skills and scissor skills. Cutting on the lines of the feathers in little snips is perfect for beginning scissor skills. Print the feathers onto card stock. Card stock is easier for young children to hold and cut when they are first starting out. 

Feather Measuring

How many feathers tall are you? How many feathers will it take to reach from my bedroom to yours? There are so many things that you can measure with feathers. Working with a nonstandard unit of measure is so important for kids. 

Feather Sorting

Sort the feathers and push them into the play dough bird. This is a fun way to create a bird and can be done over and over again. You don’t even have to make it a bird shape. Just a ball of playdough to stick the feathers into works too. 


Fun Feather Crafts



Feather Painting

Paint with feathers as your paint brush. What a cool experience. 

Feather Bowl

Make a feather bowl from plastic wrap and mod podge. The final product of this craft is so cool and it is a great fine motor activity as well. 

Toilet Paper Tube Bird

Glue feathers onto the paper tube, add googly eyes, and a paper beak. I love how bright and colorful these birds are and each one is different. 

Paper Plate Birds

What an easy and fun craft! Fold a paper plate in half for the bird’s body. Paint and glue feathers onto the body. Add eyes, a beak, and use paper strips for the tail. 


There are so many feather activities and crafts to try using a bag of feathers. So go on a walk and hunt for feathers along the way or pick some up at the craft store and let the fun with feathers begin. 



Nicole {tired, need sleep}

Sunday 22nd of November 2009

This looks like so much fun! You have so many great ideas. I don't always get around to commenting, but I wanted to let you know I ALWAYS read your posts - so much inspiration on your blog, I love it!