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Glue Collages

Both of my kids love creating with glue! These glue collages will be a hit with your preschooler or toddler! N (2 1/2) likes to put glue on each dot and stick on pieces of paper that she has cut. (above) B (5 1/2) uses the colored glue and pieces of paper to make collages …

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Flower Painting

Use artificial flowers or real flowers you find for this flower painting activity. Spice up your painting time by adding silk flowers. Use the flower like a stamp and have fun creating and experimenting. Other Ideas for Using Silk Flowers: Sort by color or type Stick them in foam and have fun arranging them Transfer …

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9 Pet Rock Activities

Making pet rocks is such a simple and fun craft. Pick a rock, paint it, glue on accessories, etc. Here are 9 Pet Rock Activities. Pet Rock Activities Make up stories with your rocks. Make a rock family. Make a rock farm. Make rock super heroes. Paint the rocks to look like the planets. Write …

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Paper Plate Snake

Do you remember making the paper plate snake when you were little? For whatever reason it is such a magical thing to turn a paper plate into a coily snake or mobile. Draw the spiral line on the plate for your child to cut along (great way to sneak in cutting practice). Decorate before or after …

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Bubble Wrap Pillow

Remember blow up furniture? So fun! I had a reading center in my classroom with blow up furniture in it one year. This bubble wrap pillow reminded me of that so we made one. Materials: a piece of bubble wrap scraps of paper packaging tape Directions: Fold a piece of bubble wrap in half and …

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Painting with a Roller

I found this Christmas roller on sale at Hobby Lobby. B had fun painting with it, although the Christmas shapes that were on the roller were hard to see in his final product. Painting with a roller would be a fun way to make wrapping paper, Christmas cards, or thank you notes!

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Wrapping Paper Activity

Get your gift ready with this DIY Wrapping Paper Activity that your little one and friends will love! I didn’t have any “Birthday Girl” wrapping paper so I turned this lemon into lemonade (aka a fun activity!). I turned over a large piece of wrapping paper and let B go to town on the back with paint pens (love those!). I …

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