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Painting Noodles

 Time to get creative with those left over lasagna noodles in your pantry! Painting noodles, just add paint! They are the perfect painting surface (with a cute border). We had so much fun with this, I wish I would have thought of it sooner! You’ve painted your noodles, now what? Break them into pieces and …

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DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas

Don’t bother to buy wrapping paper. Let your kids make the perfect wrapping paper for you! Here are a few DIY Wrapping Paper Ideas. Spray Paint Wrapping Paper Lego Wrapping Paper Paint and Doodle Your Own Wrapping Paper on the back of wrapping paper you already have. Car Painting Wrapping Paper Paint with a RAMP to …

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Noodle Craft

This noodle craft is loads of fun and can be turned into a magnet or ornament! Materials: uncooked spaghetti noodles cardboard scissors glue paint (optional) First, cut any shape out of thick cardboard. We tried a heart and star. You could also cut out letters, numbers, or keep it simple with just a square. **If …

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Grandparents Day Craft

Grandparents Day is nearing and we needed a cute, personalized way to say I Love You (that would also be easy to mail). This “I Love You This Much” card was the perfect Grandparents Day Craft. Have your child trace his hand (or trace it for them). Cut out the hand prints and decorate them. …

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Smurfs Craft

It is Smurfs Craft Mania at our house right now! Not only have we dressed up our Smurfs in thrifty outfits, now we are crafting our own mushroom houses for our Smurf characters. Thrifty Tip: Did you know you can buy JUST the toy at McDonalds (which is where we collected most of our Smurfs) …

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Clipboard for Kids

Spice up pretend play with this quick, easy to make clipboard for kids! Use a hot glue gun to attach a clip to the top of a sturdy shoe box lid. Let it dry and have fun! Your child can use this DIY clipboard to play restaurant, store, doctor, teacher, etc.

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Fun with Paint

Fun with Paint…..I know paint can be messy, but it’s SO fun for little hands!  We try and use Crayola Washable paints as much as we can because the clean up really is a snap.  Here are some fun ways we keep painting fresh! Paint withOUT a paintbrush!  We love to use found objects, such as …

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Superhero and Princess Bracelets

Superhero and princess bracelets are a great craft for a rainy afternoon or the perfect party favor or activity. So many possibilities!   Does your child love superheroes or princesses (or both) as much as mine do? From pretend play and character sets to coloring pages and stuffed animals, we are doing it ALL! I …

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Monsters University Craft

Did your kids love the movie Monsters University? Then they will love this Monsters University Craft! We made a Monsters University Scare program for our Mike and Sulley characters out of a cardboard box. It was really fun to design it and create it, but even more fun to play with it! Wrap a cardboard …

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Baseball Craft

For his second birthday in May, G got THIS awesome t-ball set.  He wants to be hitting the ball now ALL THE TIME.  So, I invited some of his little toddler buddies over to play t-ball (no pictures of that, as I was too busy chasing after balls!) and then make a fun baseball craft. …

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