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Bubble Wrap Pillow

Remember blow up furniture? So fun! I had a reading center in my classroom with blow up furniture in it one year. This bubble wrap pillow reminded me of that so we made one. Materials: a piece of bubble wrap scraps of paper packaging tape Directions: Fold a piece of bubble wrap in half and …

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Painting with a Roller

I found this Christmas roller on sale at Hobby Lobby. B had fun painting with it, although the Christmas shapes that were on the roller were hard to see in his final product. Painting with a roller would be a fun way to make wrapping paper, Christmas cards, or thank you notes!

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Wrapping Paper Activity

Get your gift ready with this DIY Wrapping Paper Activity that your little one and friends will love! I didn’t have any “Birthday Girl” wrapping paper so I turned this lemon into lemonade (aka a fun activity!). I turned over a large piece of wrapping paper and let B go to town on the back with paint pens (love those!). I …

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Crayon Resist Paintings

Crayon resist paintings are simple and fun to do. I remember doing this when I was younger. Draw a “secret message” with a white crayon and have your child paint over it with watercolors to see the message appear. This is a neat activity if you are working on letter of the day, shapes, introducing …

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