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Homemade Toys

Want to make some fun, easy, and cheap toys for your tot?  I bet you have most of these materials in your house! Straw Drop I took a plastic container and used my exacto knife to cut rectangles in the lid, some big and some small.  Then I cut plastic straws to varying lengths and …

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Developing Fine Motor Skills

We often hear about the importance of a child developing fine motor skills but do we always know what that means or why it’s so important?  As your child develops, being able to color with crayons, cut with scissors, tie their shoes, or complete puzzles becomes integral to their development.  We can ensure their success …

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Activities on a Budget

Time for another Dollar Store Challenge with Activities on a budget. If you live near a dollar store (or any place with a dollar spot, like Target or Michaels or Joanns), try this out.  Give yourself a budget (um, $5 is plenty!) and see what learning activities can be created from your shopping spree. BBQ Tongs …

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Toddler Activities Using Containers

I purchased these mini storage containers. (10 for $1)  I brought them home and explored the possibilities and came up with Toddler Activities Using Containers.  Our shape for the week is a square, so I chose this shape for us to count. How many orange squares are in the container? How many blue squares? LM would take them …

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Dollar Store Challenge – Activities on a Budget

 I love, love, love creating new activities and games for M.  She’s almost 5 but still loves tonging and tweezing, sorting and grouping. Last week, I gave myself a challenge.  I call it, “The Dollar Store Challenge.”  Clever, huh? My (self-imposed) rule was to come out with as many activities as possible for only a …

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Mini Plastic Pumpkin Activities

Here are several mini plastic pumpkin activities that you can prepare for your toddler or preschooler! Yesterday we counted straws into these plastic pumpkins. During this activity I couldn’t help but wonder what else you could do with these little plastic pumpkins. Use the same format as pictured above but with rhyming words, word families, syllables, beginning/middle/end sounds, or money. The …

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Leaf Button Snake

The directions for how to make this Leaf Button Snake are found at Along the Way. What a great idea she had to make the button snake into a fall theme! You could even change the leaf shapes to turkey shapes or Christmas tree shapes for the holidays that are coming up.

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