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Stuffed Animal Jet Pack

 The idea for this stuffed animal jet pack came from the latest issue of Highlight’s High Five Magazine. I changed it up a bit and used the materials we already had on hand. I LOVE when a quick idea provides hours of fun! All you need to make your own stuffed animal jet pack is …

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When Thrifty Becomes Embarrassing

When Thrifty Became Embarrassing I’d consider myself pretty thrifty. I love a good deal! However, every now and then there comes a time when thrifty becomes embarrassing. It happened to me (evidence of the event pictured above). The kids wanted outfits for their Build-a-Bear Smurfs and I told them to save their money. Note: At …

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Clipboard for Kids

Spice up pretend play with this quick, easy to make clipboard for kids! Use a hot glue gun to attach a clip to the top of a sturdy shoe box lid. Let it dry and have fun! Your child can use this DIY clipboard to play restaurant, store, doctor, teacher, etc.

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Building Blocks from Toilet Paper Tubes

 Create a village, zoo, or race track with building blocks from toilet paper tubes. The possibilities are endless! You’ve been saving your toilet paper tubes and paper towel tubes, now what? Turn them into building blocks! Cut a slit (1 inch) on the top and bottom of each side of the tube. Cut 20-30 squares …

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