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S is for Santa Dice Game

S is for Santa Dice Game

Day 2 of the Activity Advent Calendar – Santa Dice Game

S is for Santa Dice Game
Print out the Santa Dice Game sheet.
Find something to use for counters. We used mini M&Ms.
Roll the dice or spin a spinner.
Place that amount of M&Ms on the Santa sheet.
When you fill up your sheet (or whoever fills it up first for older children) wins!
Eat all of the M&Ms!

It sure seemed like it was a lot of counting practice for B this morning. I didn’t want him to get frustrated so I counted the dots on the dice and he counted the M&Ms. Later today we are going to play this game again with stickers.


Thursday 3rd of December 2009

i would be the one who was confused on how to play the santa dice game! thanks for the directions- now that i know how to play it, i am adding it to one of our santa days coming up! (and it totally was inspired by you to do activity cards for my advent calendar- you are a genius!)


Wednesday 2nd of December 2009

Love the idea of using the mini M&M's. D loves any game that involves chocolate!