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Working with Patterns

Working with Patterns

I had a bunch of foam stickers and decided to make B some strips for patterning practice. I saw this idea about working with patterns at Chasing Cheerios.

working with patterns

First, I put the stickers on the strip of paper in a certain pattern. I left the backing on the last sticker but traced it in the pattern. He never actually sticks the last sticker in place. He sets it on the shape (more like a puzzle) so that they can be reused over and over again. I put all of the strips and pieces into a ziplock bag for storage.

When we first started working with patterns, I showed him one pattern strip and pointed to each one and said, “Pink, Red, Pink, Red, _____”. He would shout out the color and then find the corresponding shape. Now that he has done it with my help several times, I put all of the strips out for him and put the pieces in a bowl and let him say the patterns aloud before finding the piece.

This can be done with regular stickers, stamps, cereal, m&ms, etc. or here are a bunch of great printable patterns that you might want to try!

Cupcake Patterning Cards found at Home Grown Hearts via Free Homeschool Printables

More Patterning Cards from Montessori for Everyone

Thanksgiving Patterns from File Folder Fun

Candy Cane Patterning from the 1+1+1=1 Christmas Tot Pack


Wednesday 2nd of December 2009

This is a great idea--how old is B? Juliet is almost 3--I think she should be able to do this pretty soon... (famous last words...)