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Bottle Top Sentences

Bottle Top Sentences
I’ve been collecting bottle tops (and bribing my friends to do the same) for months now. This week will be all about activities that you can do with tops, today Bottle Top Sentences!
bottle top sentences
Bottle Top Sentences
B has been really interested in reading lately so together we made up a few sentences (using words that he knows or can sound out) and drew a picture next to them as a clue.
How to Make Bottle Top Sentences:
  1. Trace the bottle top to create a circle for each word of your sentence.
  2. Write a word inside each circle.
  3. Write a word on each bottle top using a permanent marker.
How to Play with Bottle Top Sentences:
  1. Encourage Your child to match each bottle top to the circles on the sentence strip.
  2. If your child is a strong reader, ask them what word they are matching. If your child is a beginning reader, comment every now and then with a statement like “Oh you are finding the match for the word “my”.”
  3. Once all of the bottle tops are matched, read the sentence together. For my beginning reader, I read the sentence while pointing to each word to model it. Your child can also point as you read it.

I love how simple this activity is to make and play with. Once you have a collection of bottle tops with words on them, here are some other ways you can use them to make learning fun:

  • Sort the words by type.
  • Sort the words by beginning letter sound
  • Sort the words: long words/short words
  • Sort the words: words I know/words I’m learning
  • Put the bottle tops in a bowl of water and “Go Fishing” like we did with Bottle Top Fish.
  • Hide your bottle tops around the room and find them to make a sentence.


Wednesday 6th of November 2013


Mama D

Monday 8th of April 2013

What an awesome idea! I will have to give this a try.


Tuesday 1st of May 2012

Super idea! This activity will also help children understand spacing between words for sentences! Good job!


Wednesday 16th of November 2011

This is a great idea. I have saved bottle lids for awhile...different colors. Might be great to use different colors to represent the different parts of speech (nouns -red/verbs - green, etc.)for older children! Thannk you!

mama magic

Tuesday 5th of July 2011

Which means I can continue collecting them. They can be put to good use! We still have ways to go to reach this level, though.