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Activities for a Busy Two Year Old

Activities for a Busy Two Year Old
A few times a month, I get the opportunity to watch a couple of sweet two year old boys (one is a “new” two and one is almost three).  I’m definitely learning that these two guys aren’t as excited to read books, watch movies, and play Barbies as my 5 year old daughter is. I needed activities for a busy two year old!
Paint Tape Race Track
activities for a busy two year old
Originally, I made an elaborate tape course thinking that they would have fun “walking the line” and trying not to fall.  And while that was fun for a bit, they had WAY more fun turning it into a race track! Lots and lots of cars, small animals, and Little People explored the family room on our roadways (and then we let G, who is 12 months, peel up all the tape!).
activities for a busy two year old
Never too young to pour in pre-measured ingredients, stir, or even sprinkle some candies on top of the batter.  This little guy asks to bake something every single time he comes over!
Clean Art
activities for a busy two year old
Pour a couple colors of poster paint into a Ziploc bag and tape it down to the table.  Let your budding artist (and scientist! Look at those colors mixing!) squish and squeeze and mix to their heart’s content.  Best part?  NO mess!
Painting Found Objects

activities for a busy two year old

I keep a box of objects that hold a bunch of “found” items that we can recycle by painting.  Cheap wooden frames (Ikea has them for a $1 and they’re great to frame kiddo’s artwork), simple shapes from the unfinished wood section at craft stores, and even egg crates or cereal boxes.  My little guys tend to get bored with traditional paper and paint, but give them something “new” and it captures their attention!
Play Dough
activities for a busy two year old
 Oh the old stand by: play dough.  Summer is almost here so pop the play dough box outside and plop the kiddies on a towel.  With some fun objects like toy hammers, rubber stamps, and tiny animals (they make great animal tracks!), play dough will never feel old!
Written by Jill


Thursday 2nd of August 2012

Love your ideas, and especially love that you're baking with the little ones!! Have you ever tried making edible playdoh? Sounds crazy, but its fun.

Carrie Vanduzee

Sunday 22nd of July 2012

Thank you for the ideas for different ages. I homeschool 6 children and I am always looking for new ideas to keep the little ones busy.

Jennifer Fischer

Sunday 8th of July 2012

This looks like a week with my 2 year old!


Monday 2nd of July 2012

Looks like you seep him super busy! I awarded you with the Versatile Blogger award. Come by to pick it up!


Monday 2nd of July 2012

I normally hate playdoh because of the mess on carpets and nicer tables so i love your idea to take it outside. I had one of those "duh!" moments like why didn't I ever think of that. Thanks for sharing!!