Learning Body Parts for Toddlers

Learning Body Parts for Toddlers

Help your little one identify body parts with this fun sensory and fine motor activity!

Learning Body Parts for Toddlers

1.  Print a large picture of your child or just their face, depending on what you want to learn to identify. Laminate it if you prefer.  You could also use a printable coloring book page or drawing of a generic face or body.

2.  Cut a piece of contact paper just slightly larger than your picture.  Tape the contact paper, STICKY SIDE UP on top of the picture.

3.  Gather some colorful pom poms, construction paper, or tissue paper.  If using paper, cut into small shapes or pieces for easy handling by your little one.  (Pom poms will allow your activity to be reusable, while paper pieces will be require a new sheet of contact paper to repeat.)

4.  Help your little one stick the pom poms or paper pieces onto the sticky photo of themselves.  Talk about where the pieces end up. “You put a blue pom pom on your nose!”  “Can you put this on your cheek?”

learning body parts for toddlers
5.  For a twist that uses different fine motor skills for your little one, hang the picture and sticky contact paper on the wall (sticky side out!) for a body part sticky wall.
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