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Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids

Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids

The Pokemon craze is all over the place, including our house! Here are 12 awesome Pokemon Crafts and Activities for Kids that you will LOVE!

I’ve played many pokemon card games, talked about all of the characters with my kids, and even traded cards, but I’m still not 100% sure what the pokemon craziness is all about. I’ll never be able to memorize all of the characters and what their element type is and to be honest I won’t be able to play the actual card game without asking what I should do next, but I’m still all about finding learning activities and crafts for my kids with a Pokemon theme. 

DIY Pokemon Crafts and Activities

Use this FREE, printable to make your own Pokemon Cards. This is my FAVORITE Pokemon idea from And Next Comes L because my kids will spend hours creating and these trading cards. What a great way to add some writing practice to the fun activity!


And Next Comoess L also has a printable for coloring your own poke balls. LOVE it! This is so much fun for kids of all ages and an easy way to offer an activity at a pokemon party. Party guests could design these printables and then bring them home.



Red Ted Art has a tutorial for pokeball bookmark corners that will be so fun for the kids to make for their friends!



Alphabet Go! A Pokemon inspired letter activity is so awesome! You will find it over at and it is perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergartners. Match your favorite characters to the corresponding letters.



Try making Pokeball Suncatchers using contact paper, tissue paper, and permanent markers like they did at And Next Comes L. I love how this looks in the window. Just think, you could have a different pokeball in each window of your house…..=)



Need practice with multiplication facts? Try this Pokemon inspired multiplication game from Royal Baloo. What a fun way to practice multiplication for a Pokemon fan!



I love these free, printable Pokemon Lunch Box Notes from Diana Rambles. My kids love a fun surprise from me every now and then in their lunch and these are perfect.



This free, printable Pokemon Fortune Teller (cootie catcher) is SO fun! – from Some of the Best Things in Life are Mistakes 



Tough Cookie Mommy has a great idea for simple DIY Pokemon Bookmarks made out of crafts sticks. You could also use these for pointers.



The different Pokemon Headbands are so cool from Forever Stitchy. They are perfect for party favors, but also provide hours of pretend play fun! How cute are these pikachu ears?



Pet rocks are one of my favorite crafts! Frog Prince Paperie turned their rocks into Pokemon Rocks (so cool)! You could hide these in your yard or neighborhood and challenge your friends to find them. 



Easy Kids Craft has AWESOME Pokemon characters made from toilet paper tubes. Make them, hide them, and hunt for them.



Use styrofoam balls or golf balls to make your own DIY pokeball like we did here at The Activity Mom. This pokeball craft is simple and fun to create with paint and styrofoam balls.



This Pokemon Badges Craft is a fun craft for kids’ parties, pretend play, and room decorations. 


We hope you love these fun ideas and great crafts as much as we do. Which one of these Pokemon Craft Ideas will you try first?


Here are some of our favorite Pokemon themed books:

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Drawing Pokemon Book

Pokemon Seek and Find Book

Pokemon Sticker Book


Pokemon Lingo for Parents


  • Fire is weak to water, fire, rock, and dragon. It’s strong against grass, ice, steel, and bug.
  • Water is weak to water, grass, and dragon. Strong against fire, rock, and ground.
  • Grass is weak to flying, poison, bug, steel, fire, grass, and dragon. It is strong against water, ground, and rock.
  • Electric is weak to ground, grass, electric, and dragon. It is strong against water and flying.
  • Psychic is weak to steel, psychic, and dark. Strong against poison and fighting.
  • Normal is weak to rock, steel, and ghost. It’s neutral and not strong against anything.
  • Fighting is weak to fairy, bug, ghost, poison, psychic, and flying. Strong against normal, steel, rock, ice, and dark.
  • Flying is weak to electric, steel, and rock. It’s strong against bug, grass, and fighting.
  • Poison is weak to rock, ghost, poison, ground, and steel. It is strong against grass and fairy.
  • Ground is weak to flying, bug, and grass. Strong against poison, rock, steel, fire, and electric.
  • Rock is weak to steel, ground, and fighting. It is strong against flying, bug, ice, and fire.
  • Bug is weak to ghost, steel, fire, flying, fairy, fighting, and poison. It’s strong against grass, sidekick, and dark.
  • Ghost is weak to dark and normal. Strong against ghost and psychic.
  • Steel is weak to electric, water, fire, and steel. It it’s strong against ice, rock, and fairy types.
  • Ice is weak to fire, steel, water, and ice. It is strong against ground, grass, flying, and dragon.
  • Dragon is weak to fairy and steel. Strong against dragon.
  • Fairy is weak to steel, poison, and fire. It is strong against fighting, dragon, and dark.
  • Dark is weak to fighting, dark, and fairy. It’ s strong against ghost and psychic.

Tip: Just because an attack is weak doesn’t mean it doesn’t do any damage. Some attacks that are weak do no damage and others still do a little damage.

How do you know you’ve won?

You know you’ve won the card game when you have eliminated enough of the opponent’s pokemon and taken 6 prize cards.


Still confused? Me too! But this information will help you talk to your child about Pokemon and half way pretend that you know what you’re doing!