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Free Printable Color Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Free Printable Color Sudoku Puzzles for Kids

Use these free, printable Color Sudoku Puzzles to stretch your child’s critical thinking and problem solving skills. Regular sudoku uses numbers, in this version you will manipulate blocks to solve the puzzles. Directions and answers are included.

A sudoku game is a great way to strengthen logic skills. The difficulty level of this logic puzzle is beginner (5 years of age and up). It is easy sudoku for beginners who are just learning how to solve this type of puzzle. In fact, instead of traditional numbers these puzzles use color cubes (or blocks) so they are easy to manipulate for your child.

How do you solve a color sudoku puzzle?

  1. In this classic sudoku grid, your challenge is to get one of each color in every row, column, AND 4×4 box.
  2. Your job will be to put a block or colored cube in each of the empty squares.


Sudoku Strategies

Model these strategies by thinking aloud as you work on a puzzle with your child.

  • “Let’s look for a row that only has one color missing. We can start there”
  • “Maybe blue could go here. No, this column already has a blue so we know it can’t.”
  • “All of the 4×4 boxes already have a red so we know there needs to be one somewhere in this box.”


Simply download, print, and play these Color Sodoku Puzzles!


  • 20 Puzzles
  • Directions
  • Answer key with the unique solutions


Use all four colors, only once, in each column, row, and box. Move and arrange the different colors to solve the puzzles.

These puzzle cards are intended to be used with 1 inch foam blocks

4 of each: red, blue, orange, and green

Game Piece: Pom poms, magnets, Lego duplos, or bottle tops painted in those colors could also be substituted.

Targeted Age: 5+



Download the Printable Sudoku Puzzles for Kids HERE!

Tips: You many need to solve these puzzles along size your child until they get the hang of the goal of sudoku and how the puzzle is solved. Try thinking aloud with statements like, “Let’s look at this row. We have 3 colors and 1 is missing. What color is missing?” or “This spot can’t be blue because there is a blue already in this row.” 

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Thursday 28th of November 2019

Thank you for sharing these beautiful resources.

I have developed a Cross Numbers Puzzle that’s similar to Sudoku in which a number can not be used more than once in any column or row. I have called it Sudoku Octangles.

You can improve your memory, concentration, logical thinking and deductive reasoning skills as well as math addition and multiplication.

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I hope you like it.