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Free Cookie Counting Printable Activity

Free Cookie Counting Printable Activity

I love this Free, Printable Cookie Counting Printable Activity and how many ways you can use it! Your little learner will love it too! From pretend play and different learning games to math centers with a cookie theme, this printable will come in handy.

Targeted Skills:

  • number identification
  • number sense
  • counting
  • one-to-one correspondence


Cookie Counting Printable Activity


How to Prepare the Cookie Counting Printable Activity: 

  1. Print the numeral circles onto a colored card stock like tan or brown to represent the cookies.
  2. Print the “frosting” onto white card stock or regular paper.
  3. Cut out both sets of shapes. Don’t worry about cutting exactly on the lines. Cookies are never perfect (at least mine aren’t).


Cookie Counting Printable Activity


How to Use the Cookie Counting Printable Activity?

  • Match the corresponding number of dots (“candy”) to the correct numeral to make a cookie. This is our favorite way to use the printable.
  • Put the cookies in order from least to greatest.
  • Challenge your child to “eat” the cookie with the biggest number.
  • Pass the cookies out to your stuffed animals. Give the biggest stuffed animal the biggest numbered cookie.
  • Use a spatula or tongs to pick up the frosting and put it onto the cookie (fine motor skills at work). Order a correct number of cookies for your child to “bake”.
  • Make play dough cookies – Laminate the cookies and frosting and use play dough to make “sprinkles” and put one sprinkle on each circle of the frosting. 
  • Use the cookies and a cookie sheet for pretend play in your play kitchen.
  • A simple addition equation can be solved using the cookies and counting the sprinkles to find the answer.
  • Write number words and match cookies to the corresponding number word.


Cookie Counting Printable Activity

Download and print your free, cookie counting printable activity here:

Number Cookie Frosting

Numeral Cookies

Who Took the Cookie from the Cookie Jar?

Natalie took the cookie from the cookie jar.

Who me?

Yes you!

Couldn’t be.

Then who?

Blake took the cookie from the cookie jar.


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If you love this free printable preschool math activity, you should check out our other free printables that we have tried and love! There are over 200 printable activities to choose from. We also have a ton of Counting Activities for Kids that you won’t want to miss.

Stephanie W Brower

Wednesday 10th of October 2018

Do you have letters P through Z for drawing through the Alphabet? My grandson is loving these!!


Thursday 11th of October 2018

Yes! We will be sharing/posting one per week (usually each Wednesday). So glad your grandson loves it! =)