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Train Alphabet Game (free printable)

Train Alphabet Game (free printable)

Does your child love trains? Then this is the perfect activity for you. We love this train alphabet game! It is fun to play and easy to set up. I stick this game in my purse and pull it out when traveling or waiting at restaurants. This game is a great way to practice letter recognition or even letter sounds. 

Use this fun activity with your students in small groups or in literacy centers. The cards include upper case letters and lowercase letters.



Prepare the Game

Download (link below), print, and cut out the alphabet cards.


  1. Put the cards face down in a pile.
  2. On your turn, pick a card.
  3. Say the letter of the alphabet on your card (or letter sound or something that starts with that letter depending on skill level).
  4. If you get it right, keep the card. (If your child doesn’t get the letter names right, that is ok! Just tell them the correct letter and allow them to keep the card.)
  5. When someone picks the card that says “You Win”, they win and the game is over!

This game is quick which allows for you to play multiple times (and have more than one winner). Kids love the pace of this game and don’t even realize how much they are practicing as they play. 


Download and Play the Train Alphabet Game


Other Ways to Play

  • Sort the cards by color. The engine drives the correct cargo boxes that match its color.
  • Make a railroad track out of painters tape and put each train car along the track in alphabetical order. It’s a fun way to add pretend play to this printable game. Start with the letter a. It may help to sing the alphabet song together to see which letter comes next.
  • Print two copies and play a Memory game. Just use a few letters of the alphabet at a time to keep the game from being too overwhelming.
  • Notice the letter shapes of the capital and lower case letters. Do they look similar or do they look totally different? Sort the train cards into two piles, letters that have lowercase letters that look similar and letters that have lowercase letters that look different.
  • Play a listening game “Find the Right Letter”. Put 4-5 letters in a row. Tell your child to find a certain letter or the letter that says a certain sound. Find the letter that your name starts with. Find the letter that comes after C.


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MaryJane Nadal

Saturday 9th of September 2023

Thank you for sharing this website it really helpful for my teaching resources that I can use it for children.


Saturday 9th of September 2023

You're welcome! Make sure you also check out my other site for more resources:

Alesia Netuk

Thursday 3rd of October 2019

This alphabet is so much fun! Thank you for sharing!


Thursday 3rd of October 2019

My pleasure! Glad you can use it.