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School Organization for Home

School Organization for Home

It’s back to school time and that means piles of papers coming home, papers needing to be returned, and papers that are precious keepsakes. I wanted to share my simple ideas for School Organization for Home. These two ideas keep me organized, tidy, and, less stressed. 

School Organization for Home

School Organization for Home Part 1

First, I have a tray assigned to each of my kids. My friend gave me this idea and it’s perfect! Before I had these trays I had piles of papers taking over my counters. I recycle a LOT of papers that come home. There are SO many and there’s no reason to keep them all.

In these trays I keep:

  • Papers that I will need to refer to later such as calendars, schedules, websites, receipts, event flyers, and field trip notes.
  • Papers and items I want to keep to look back on such as writing samples, drawings, art, report cards, gifts and cards, extra school pictures, and anything else that makes me smile. 

These trays take the guess work out of it. I know right where to look and right where to stash things. 

School Organization for Home

School Organization for Home Part 2

I bought an expanding file folder (they are also called accordion file organizers) for each child and labeled the tabs with grade levels (preschool and kindergarten need to be on the same tab to fit all grade levels in one folder).

School Organization for Home

When the school year is over, I go through the pile and recycle papers I don’t need anymore and organize the keepsakes. I put the keepsakes in the expandable file folder in front of the grade level tab. 

The expandable folders look cute and fit nicely on a shelf or in a closet. The kids love to go through them and look back at pictures and memories. 

If you have more keepsakes than will fit in the expandable folder, check out another idea for organizing kids’ keepsakes using a milk crate.