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Tips for Moving with Kids and Printable Scavenger Hunt

Tips for Moving with Kids and Printable Scavenger Hunt

Moving is something that is dreaded by those of all ages, but moving with kids adds an extra challenge. Adults are usually able to see past the stress of packing and focus on the excitement of moving into a new home. Kids, on the other hand, can often feel like they are being uprooted.

Whether you are moving down the street or to a different state, there are ways you can make the transition easier on your children. Here are 5 tips to consider when moving with kids.

Tell your kids about the move ahead of time

Many parents wait until the last minute to tell their kids they are moving. suggests telling kids as young as preschool a month before the move. If they are older, you may consider breaking the news to them even earlier than this. The last thing you want is for your child to feel blind sighted by this change.

Change is always hard. If your kid has a negative reaction to your move, you’ll want to give them time to process. Be sure to explain exactly why you are moving and all the positive and exciting things that will come with this new home.

Involve them in the packing process

You probably wouldn’t want to come home from a day of work to find all your belongings packed up. Neither would your kids. Having them help with the packing will let them feel like part of the process and make the transition less sudden. Try making the packing into a game and use fun markers to label the boxes properly.
3. Say goodbye to your old house
Setting aside some time to say goodbye to your old house will help your kids feel a sense of closure. When the boxes are all packed and you’re ready to start your new adventure, take the time to enjoy one last meal in your home. Order pizza and enjoy it in your empty house while reminiscing on your favorite memories in this home. Remind your kids that a new family will be moving in and they will get to make just as many memories.

Familiarize your children with their new home

Familiarizing your kids with their new home will make the transition less scary for them. If possible, try visiting the new home ahead of time. If this isn’t an option, show them photos of how the home looks.

Once you are ready to move into this home, try playing a game like this new home scavenger hunt bingo. This activity will help your kids learn the ins and outs of their new home. Just print out the boards and see who can find the items listed on the board. Whoever finds five in a row first gets bingo! Have a prize ready for whoever gets bingo and then have another prize for completing the whole board.

Kids Scavenger Hunt Bingo

Tips for Moving with Kids and a Scavenger Hunt

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This activity makes sure that one of the first memories made in the new home are fun ones. Be sure to plan other activities throughout the first week like learning how to juggle in your new yard or playing emoji twister in an empty room before unpacking.

Have a plan to keep in touch with your old neighborhood

Last but not least, it’s helpful to keep in touch with your old neighborhood. This is especially important if you are moving a far distance and your kids have to leave their friends. If this is the case, plan a trip to go back and visit. It could also be helpful to set up a consistent time when they can call their friends. Although this transition is tough, it’s easier if they know they have friends they can talk to.

Moving with Kids

Moving is never easy but hopefully following these tips will help ease the transition. For more kid-friendly activity ideas to try in your new home, check out the latest posts on The Activity Mom.