Book Review Form for Kids

This simple book review form for kids is perfect for reflecting on a book and giving details to recommend or not recommend it to a classmate. It can be used with fiction or non-fiction books, chapter books or picture books, and even books that they write themselves. 

Book Review Form for Kids


My favorite part of this book review form is the question, “Would you change anything?”. It makes kids think a little deeper about the characters and the plot to decide if they would make any changes. 

Use these book review forms to make a binder of recommendations. Make a display of the top class recommended books or even tuck it into the book for the next reader. 



Book Review Form for Kids


Encourage your students to really go deeper in their reasoning for how many stars they rated the book. Don’t accept surface level responses such as “I loved it” or “It was good”. Instead, encourage them to think about a specific part of the book that caught their attention or a character they loved or didn’t like. 

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How to Help Your Child Become an Author

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