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Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching

Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching

You can use these Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching mats to practice identifying capital letters, lowercase letters, shapes, numbers, or even sight words! Simply print, fill in the blanks, and get started!

You can use:

  • pom poms
  • candies
  • erasers
  • cereal 

Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching


You can write in ANYTHING in the key to practice with:

  • capital letters
  • lowercase letters
  • numbers
  • colors
  • shapes
  • sight words


  1. Write what you want your child to practice in the key.
  2. Fill in the circles on the tree. 
  3. Provide something to cover the circles that match the colors in the key (candy, cereal, erasers, pom poms, bingo chips, etc.).
  4. Challenge your child to cover each circle with the corresponding color. 

Fun Tip:

You can glue magnets on the back of pom poms and put the Christmas tree page on your fridge or on a magnetic cookie sheet for a fun twist! 


Download and print your FREE, Christmas Tree Alphabet Matching set below. 

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I love all of these activities so much! I have the best memories playing them with my children this time of year!