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Christmas Tree Color Sorting

Christmas Tree Color Sorting

Sort candy, pom poms, cereal, erasers, buttons, or stickers in this Christmas Tree color sorting activity for preschoolers and toddlers.

Children of all ages benefit from sorting. Whether a toddler is sorting two items into piles or an older child is sorting vocabulary by different characteristics, sorting is stimulating the brain.

Comparing, contrasting, and grouping while children are sorting positively impacts logical thinking skills and mathematical concepts. So basically, SORTING is IMPORTANT!

Christmas Tree Color Sorting



  1. Print 2 Christmas trees. 
  2. Give your child a collection of items that are 2 different colors. It can be pom poms, cereal, candies, erasers, buttons, or stickers. 
  3. Challenge your child to sort the items between the two trees.  


This Christmas tree color sorting activity can be used with dot markers or q-tips dipped in paint.  You can also try circle stickers from the dollar store that are usually used at garage sales. Using the stickers adds a fine motor challenge to this activity. Instead of sorting by color, you can also use these tree printables to sort by size (big/small or small/medium/large). If you have a bag of different shaped buttons, sort different shapes on each tree. 

We have so many color sorting activities for kids that are easy to set up and fun to try! Check them out!

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