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FREE Easter Bunny Money for Egg Hunts and Baskets

FREE Easter Bunny Money for Egg Hunts and Baskets

I’m in love with this printable Easter Bunny Money to fill plastic eggs for an Easter egg hunt or to add a few to an Easter baskets for kids of all ages. It is such a creative way to give the gift of time this Easter. Sometimes we put dollar bills in our eggs, but I always hesitate to put more than a dollar bill inside because I’m afraid the egg won’t be found. So this Easter Bunny Money is a fun way to solve that problem for me. It also gives the Easter gift of an experience which leads to memories. I’m trying to give those types of gifts more lately.  


Easter Bunny Money FREE


Easter Bunny Money Coupons Included

The Easter Bunny Bucks include these great ideas:

  • Movie Night with Popcorn
  • Ice Cream
  • Picnic
  • Hug
  • Trip to the Zoo
  • Hour at an Arcade
  • Slumber Party
  • Bonfire with Smores
  • Breakfast in Bed
  • A Day to do Anything I’d like
  • Bake Cookies with Mom
  • Skip My Chores Day

Print these coupons on standard paper so they are easy to fold and put inside the eggs. If you are putting them in an Easter basket as a gift, it is aa great idea to print them onto card stock so they are more durable.

Don’t feel pressure to use the coupons you don’t like. Just use the ones that are best for you! This is even a fun addition to the Easter baskets of older kids. 


Easter Bunny Money

Pick and choose the coupons that sound good to you and throw the rest away. I’ll probably skip the bonfire coupon because it’s not my favorite activity, but I love the idea of Skip my Chores Day. My kids will feel like they hit the jackpot with that one on their Easter morning egg hunt. Or learn how to make Easter Bunny footprints (one of our favorite Easter traditions) and leave a few special eggs behind that the Easter Bunny has dropped. 

Which of these coupons do you think your kids will like the best? Don’t you think this Easter money will be fabulous scattered in Easter eggs as a candy alternative? What a good way to gift your child this holiday. After your egg hunt, sit down together and make these Easter coloring bookmarks


Download and print your Easter Bunny Money

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Tiffany Smith

Friday 15th of April 2022

How I print them out


Friday 15th of April 2022

Click on the link at the bottom of the post to download it.