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Easter Activities for Toddlers

Easter Activities for Toddlers

After the Easter baskets have been revealed and the Easter egg hunt is over, there are so many fun toddler Easter activities that you can do using basic supplies. With all of these fun ideas, you are sure to find something your child will love! Grab some plastic eggs, take a trip to your dollar store, and you’ll be good to go! These Easter themed Toddler activities are the best ideas and so much fun this time of year. 


Toddler Easter Activities


Emotion Eggs

Easter Themed Toddler Activities
These eggs came from Target and they’re so fun for teaching emotions and building language skills. Children can just explore them, they can make matches, they can grab the one you request (“Can you find an egg that is ANGRY?”), or they can practice opening and closing. Any of these choices are a great idea. If you don’t see this set of eggs at the store, you can make your own by drawing faces on regular plastic Easter eggs.

Transferring Eggs

Easter Themed Toddler Activities
Everything on this tray is from the Dollar Tree (the egg plate, the plastic tongs, and the foam eggs). Kiddos can transfer the eggs (which are actually ornaments that I just cut the ribbon loop off of) into the tray. If you can’t find the eggs, try using pom poms instead. This is a great way for young children to strengthen fine motor skills.

Tweezing Pompoms

Easter Themed Toddler Activities
This sweet ice cube mold came from Ikea and I paired it with some plastic tweezers and sparkly pom poms. A little bit of Spring fun and great for hand-eye coordination! This easy toddler activity is so much fun and you won’t believe how many times your child will revisit it. Challenge your toddler to say the color name of the pom pom before they put it into the mold.

Push and Arrange

Easter Themed Toddler Activities


Again, this whole tray is compliments of the Dollar Tree! I grabbed a block of floral foam and matched it with some egg picks (not sure what the original use of these are!). Kids had to PUSH the pick through the styrofoam. It’s a great fine motor activity!


Open and Close

Easter Themed Toddler Activities
I grabbed some containers and put a letter bead in each object. They had to figure out how to open the container and match it to the word card that I taped on the tray, spelling out the word EASTER! This is another of my favorite activities that toddlers will try over and over again. The best part is that you already have many of these containers on hand.

DIY Easter Board Game

Easter Themed Toddler Activities
By adding some sparkly egg stickers to a file folder, and pairing it with erasers and dice, kiddos can race to the end of this fun Easter activity. This Easter game is a fun way to practice Math skills such as counting and one to one correspondence as well as building number sense.

Size Comparison

Easter Themed Toddler Activities

These sweet furry chicks came from Target and I matched them with labeled strawberry containers and a pair of tweezers. They had to classify and sort the two different sized chicks!

Use empty egg cartons and plastic eggs to give these simple activities a try. These are easy ways to practice different concepts.


Spell your name with Easter eggs by matching the letter on the egg to the egg carton. 



Sort Easter eggs with large eggs on the top row and smaller eggs on the bottom row. You can also turn this into a matching activity with matching colored eggs in the bottom row. 



Count down to Easter with a carton of eggs. Put a piece of candy in each egg (like jelly beans) and open one a day until Easter morning. 


Try an Easter egg listening game. Take plastic eggs that you have on hand. Fill pairs of eggs with different contents. Shake them to find the eggs that match. 



Download and print this set of Easter egg puzzles for your toddler! The puzzles include two, three, or four pieces. You can also put magnets on the back of the pieces and challenge your child to put them together on a vertical surface such as a magnetic easel or fridge. Working on a vertical surface is so beneficial for toddlers and preschoolers. 



Print your own Easter Board Game for Toddlers and die for a fun game! Your child will love to play this game over and over again. This game focuses on colors and visual discrimination. 



Does your child love egg hunts? Try an Easter egg puzzle hunt. Take a puzzle that your child loves. Put a piece in each egg and hide the eggs around the room. Find the eggs and put the puzzle together. For a toddler, the pieces will be bigger than what is pictured, but there are large plastic eggs that they can fit in. 


More Fun Easter Activities

Ready for sensory play? Try this Easter sensory bin from Little Bins for Little Hands.

Paper plate Easter sewing craft from Red Ted Art

Easy Easter Bunny Craft from Kids Activities Blog – This easy craft starts with a paper plate. 

Easter Light Table Activity from Next Comes L

Paper Towel Painting Eggs from Messy Little Monster

So what do you think? Are you ready to give these Easter toddler activities a try? Your child will have a great time with any of these Easter ideas and fun activities. What a fun way to learn!


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