Dice Bingo Game for Kids

This Dice Bingo activity provides the opportunity for children to count, subitize, and strengthen visual discrimination skills.

Add dice to any game or challenge and I’ve found that kids love it. You can make your own big dice like we did with tissue boxes. We used ours to make words, but adding the big dice to throw is super fun. 


Dice Bingo Game


  • Dice Bingo Printable Page (below)
  • Dice (1 per player)
  • Two Different Sets of Counters (erasers, blocks, cereal, m&ms)


Dice Bingo Game


Directions for Dice Bingo:

  1. This game is easiest played with 2 players, although it can work with 3. 
  2. Each player uses a different colored/type of counter (erasers, blocks, bingo chips, candy, etc.)
  3. Player 1 rolls one die. They count the number on the die and cover the matching picture on the game board. It is important for that player to count the die and not just match. 
  4. Player 1 can only cover one square of the number he rolled, even if multiple are available. 
  5. Player 2 takes a turn, rolling 1 die and covering the matching number. 
  6. Play continues until one player has covered the numbers 1-6 with their counter. They do NOT need to be in a row, but for an extra challenge that can be a requirement. 



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