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Elementary Math activities that make learning fun. Math games for older children. Math printables for addition, subtraction, money, and multiplication. Activities for elementary aged children for teachers and homeschoolers.

Free Multiplication Wheels Worksheets

Multiplication wheels are a great way to practice math facts. This type of multiplication wheel can also be used to identify and work with fact families. These worksheets are great for extra practice with 3rd graders, 4th graders, and 5th graders.  How to use the Math Wheel Start with the center number. Multiply that number …

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Five and Ten Frame Activities for Kindergarten

When young children work with five frames and ten frames, they are building number sense. It is an important skill because it builds a good foundation of mathematical thinking. The following activities are a great place to start. These five and ten frame activities for Kindergarten make learning fun! Five frames and ten frames allow …

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Blank Multiplication Chart Printable Table (FREE)

A blank multiplication chart is beneficial for skip counting, finding patterns, and memorizing multiplication facts.      Blank charts are a great way to practice skip counting or to focus on certain fact families. Targeted Ages – 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade Download the Blank Multiplication Table Chart HERE Different Ways to Use the …

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Free Black and White Multiplication Chart (printable)

A black and white multiplication chart is an easy reference for math facts and saves on ink. Using a multiplication chart can help 3rd grade children find answers to a multiplication problem quickly. Download and print the black and white free multiplication chart below. Printable Multiplication Table These Printable Multiplication Charts are free to print …

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Money War – Coins

We’ve sorted coins, found out how many are in a dollar, and now we are playing Money War! How to Play: *Start with the same coins in two different cups (one cup for each player). The coins we used for each player are pictured above (totally random). *Then play the game just like war. Without …

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