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Elementary Math activities that make learning fun. Math games for older children. Math printables for addition, subtraction, money, and multiplication. Activities for elementary aged children for teachers and homeschoolers.

Simple Graphing Activities for Kindergarten

A really fun and easy way to introduce data collection to young learners is by graphing. Graphing helps students gain valuable experience with counting, data analysis, sorting, and comparing. It also introduces them to the skill of critical thinking. You may think that teaching graphing skills to kindergartners sounds like a mountainous task, but it’s …

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Ten Frame Addition Worksheets (free printable)

Ten frame addition worksheets are a great way to strengthen number sense, counting, and number recognition. There are different ways to use these ten frame worksheets to practice addition skills. They are great to use for Kindergarten Math in small groups, for morning work, or to put in a Math center (laminate and use dry …

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Pizza Math Activities (free printable)

These fun pizza math activities are the perfect way for older children to experience the concept of fractions and great way for little learners to practice counting skills. You’re never too old for pretend play! So, turn your table into a pizzeria and have fun preparing the pizza orders and practicing different math skills! My …

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5 Free Multiplication Color by Number Worksheets

These free multiplication color by number worksheets are a fun way to have extra practice with multiplication facts. They are mandala designs that kids of all ages will love to color. Use these free color by number multiplication worksheets in math centers or as morning work.      There is just something about creating or …

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Free Multiplication Wheels Worksheets

Multiplication wheels are a great way to practice math facts. This type of multiplication wheel can also be used to identify and work with fact families. These worksheets are great for extra practice with 3rd graders, 4th graders, and 5th graders.  How to use the Math Wheel Start with the center number. Multiply that number …

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