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Free Printable Coin Worksheets

Free Printable Coin Worksheets

Have you been looking for fun ways to help your students learn about money? The concept of money is an important skill and a challenging concept for young children. That is why these games, worksheets and activities have been helpful to us. 

From coin recognition and the value of each coin to counting an amount of money and finding certain money amounts, these printable coin worksheets and games are a great way to sneak in extra practice and make learning fun. Here are the worksheets, activities, and games that we have found to be effective ways to learn about money:

  • Coin War
  • How Many in a Dollar
  • Flip a Coin Game
  • Counting Money Puzzles
  • More Coin Worksheets from Around the Internet


Coin War is a fun way for younger kids to compare different coins. You can use plastic coins or real coins (I prefer using real coins.) for this game. Print the free money chart to refer to the value of coins while playing the game. This game uses American money and does not include half dollars. It is perfect for Summer learning.

How to Play:

  1. Start with the same number of coins in two different cups (one cup for each player). Start with a small number of coins so your first game doesn’t take too long.
  2. Then, play the game just like war. Without looking, pick a coin from your cup and put it on the table.
  3. Each player says the coin name that they pulled out of the cup and the correct value of the coin.
  4. Whoever has the highest valued coin gets to keep both coins.
  5. Continue and keep refilling your cup with the coins you collect.
  6. Keep playing and when one player collects all of the coins, they win!

Your child or student will naturally start to notice and wonder about the backs of the coins. How come some look different than others. Talk about the differences and point out the year that the coin was made. 


How Many in a Dollar? FREE Printable

This How Many in a Dollar printable is great practice with the name of the coin, coin values, and what equals a dollar. It is a fun activity that you can use in a Math center. You can use pretend money or real money for this activity. We also use this when we are counting money from our piggy banks and want to know how many dollars we have all together. 



The Flip a Coin Game is an experiment to see how many times you will flip heads or tails out of 100 coin flips. You can use any value of coin for this activity. This is a great experience in probability. 



Use these printable money worksheets to get in a lot of practice with counting coins. Count to figure out how much money is on one side of the puzzle, then match the amount to complete the puzzle. It includes dollar bills. 

Download the Counting Money Puzzles


More Fun Money Worksheets

Color the Coins Worksheets from 123 Homeschool 4 Me – These printable worksheets focus on coin recognition. 

Piggy Bank Game from Superstar Worksheets – This game gives children practice with counting money and trading in smaller coins for a larger valued coin. 

Race to a Dollar from Primarily Speaking

Fantastic Fun and Learning has Money Puzzles that have a dollar amount in the middle and different sets of coins that equal that amount. 

Printable Play Money from – It includes printable coins and printable paper money that you can use in a play kitchen or for learning activities. 

Coin Count and Clip Cards from ABCs to SATs

Money Tree Math Game from School Time Snippets – Collect coins and trade them in for a quarter. Collect four quarters to equal a dollar and you win. 


We hope you love these resources as much as we do. There are so many creative ways to practice counting money.