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Ten Frame Addition Worksheets (free printable)

Ten Frame Addition Worksheets (free printable)

Ten frame addition worksheets are a great way to strengthen number sense, counting, and number recognition. There are different ways to use these ten frame worksheets to practice addition skills. They are great to use for Kindergarten Math in small groups, for morning work, or to put in a Math center (laminate and use dry erase markers).  

Why are 10 Frames Important?

When young children work with ten frames they are building mathematical thinking. Children can “see” a number which helps them develop a strong sense of ten. After working with ten frames consistently, children will be able to manipulate numbers and talk about number combinations. They will have a solid understanding of number relationships. 


Ten Frame Addition Worksheets


Ways to Use this Free Worksheet:

Draw counters (dots) on the ten frames to make equations to solve. Fill in the ten frames with dots before making copies to make your own addition problems. They can also write the number of dots below each 10 frame as they solve it. For beginners, start with single digits. 

Use dice to make a number sentence. Have your students roll 1 die and fill in the first ten frame with that number of dots. Then, roll the die again and fill in the second ten frame with that amount of dots. How many dots are there in all? Solve the addition equations. 

Find the missing addend. Fill in the first ten frame with dots. Leave the second ten frame blank. Write the answer. Challenge your older students to find the missing addend. 

Make 10. If the answer to each equation is 10, what could the ten frames look like? Have the students draw in different possibilities and discuss the results. 

Use q-tips and paint to fill in the ten frames. This is a great fine motor skill activity and they can use different colors. 



This worksheet can be used for basic addition facts where the sum doesn’t equal more than 10. This page also works well for younger children that aren’t writing numerals yet, but can represent the answer in a ten frame.  

Roll a die that has numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 on it. I take a wooden cube and write my own numbers. Then, they can roll the die and fill in the first ten frame. Roll it again to fill in the second ten frame. Finally, they will solve the equation and fill in the last ten frame with the sum. This is great for visual learners and strengthening number sense. 

Make 10. What different equations can you make that equal 10? 

Challenge students to create their own addition equations by filling in the ten frames with whatever numbers they choose. Some will quickly realize their answers are more than ten. 



This page is great for introducing and practicing teen numbers. For example, students will see that 14 is 10 and 4 more or that 17 is 10 and 7 more. I use this page with dice and let the children roll and fill in the addition sentences. They also really like making up their own equations and I think that is a valuable experience too. 



Download the Ten Frame Worksheets

I hope you find these ten frames worksheets as valuable as we do. There are so many ways to use them to practice the important skill of addition. 

DIY Ten Frames

  • Make a giant ten frame on the floor with painters tape. Use blocks or students to fill in the ten frame. 
  • Turn an egg carton into a ten frame by cutting off two of the spots where the eggs go. Use pom poms, balls, or blocks as counters. 
  • Fold a large piece of construction paper in half and then into fifths. Trace the lines with a black marker to make a ten frame out of paper. 
  • Glue popsicle sticks together to make a ten frame. 
  • Draw a huge ten frame on a shower curtain liner that you can use and then fold up to put it away. 
  • Divide a cookie sheet into sections to make a magnetic ten frame. 


Ten Frame Activities

five frame and ten frame activities


Check out these five frame and ten frame activities. Five frames are perfect to start with for preschoolers and kindergartners to make sure their concept of five is strong.

Then, move into the ten frame activities such as:

  • Cookie ten frame activity
  • Candy Jar ten frame game.
  • Play memory or war with the free Gingerbread Man Ten Frame cards.

There are so many ways to make learning fun using 10 frames. 



These free roll and cover dice games from Free Preschool Printables use ten frames and also build number sense in a fun way. There are ten frame dice games with themes for the whole year!



Addition Bingo is something fun to play in small groups. Use ten frames to help find the sum.