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Easy 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

Easy 100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

100th day of school shirt ideas can sometimes be overwhelming. You want your child to have fun making their 100 days of school shirt and also look great wearing it. Take the pressure off, Mom! Here you will find the best collection of simple DIY 100th day shirt ideas that you and your kids will love to make and wear.

When is the 100th Day of School?

The exact date of the 100th day celebrations will vary by school district. Usually the big day falls late January or early February.

Why is the 100th Day of School Celebrated?

In the elementary school is primarily where 100 days of school is celebrated. Kindergarten students and 1st graders usually make a special t-shirt to wear and participate in 100th day activities such as games and projects. The concept of 100 is a benchmark math concept in these grades and this day is a fun way to celebrate 100 days of Kindergarten while extending the learning.

100 Days of School Shirt Ideas

Is your child’s teacher asking you to make a 100 days shirt at home to wear to school on that day? The good news is I have all of the simple and adorable ideas here for you to choose from.

Maybe you have a silhouette or a printable iron on template for your 100th day shirt. If so, you are good to go. But maybe you need a simple idea and an easy DIY to make your own along WITH your child. These fun ideas will inspire you!

How to Make Your Own 100 Days of School T-Shirt


These 100 days t-shirts are so much fun to make. The best part is you can modify any great idea to make it with the materials you have on hand. Here are the most common materials that are used that you might already own. If not, your local craft store will have them:

  • t shirt (white t-shirts or colored t-shirts will work)
  • fabric paint
  • fabric markers
  • fabric glue
  • hot glue gun
  • piece of cardboard – Use it to slide underneath the front of the shirt so your glue or paint doesn’t bleed through.


  1. With any of the 100 days of school ideas below, you can write the saying on the shirt with markers or paint.
  2. Then, glue the items around the words.
  3. If you know it will be a big deal to your child if an item falls off, make sure to use enough glue. Once it dries, have your child try it on for 20 minutes and see if any need more glue. You can also give them a small ziplock to put in their pocket to keep any items that fall off so they will still technically have 100.


100 Days of School Sayings

Browse through these cute sayings to find the perfect shirt for you!


Source: Glued to My Crafts Blog

100 Days Flew By 

Attach bird feathers (as pictured), draw airplanes, glue on plastic insects, or draw 100 fans. 

I Roared My Way Through 100 Days

Attach foam dinosaur stickers or draw lions and tigers. 

100 Days Has Been Ruff

Draw 100 paw prints or dog bones. You can also attach dog stickers. 

100 Pawesome Days of School

Add 100 paw prints of any animal or 100 animals.

100 Owlsome Days!

This saying goes great with owl stickers or even owl faces and googly eyes. 

100 Mermazing Days

Draw a mermaid tail and add 100 sequins or gems to it. 



Time Flies When You are Having Fun

Add plastic flies to this shirt with hot glue. You can also use this saying with birds, bees, airplanes, and rocket ships.


Bugging My Teacher for 100 Days

Attach plastic insects, foam bug stickers, or draw 100 bugs onto the shirt.

Buzzin My Way Through 100 days

Add bees, dragonflies, or flies to this cute shirt idea. 


Movies, Shows, and Games



Do you have a Star Wars fan? Use fabric markers and draw 100 light sabers like they did at Mom Can Do Anything


Creepin My Way to 100 Days

This is the shirt for your Minecraft Lover. Cut pieces of felt into squares and arrange them to form a creeper. Add words with fabric makers. 



100 Days Sweeter

Just a simple saying with a colorful shirt full of 100 skittles (circles). Draw the candies on the shirt instead of gluing the circles so that they will stay on. This saying also works well with 100 pieces of fruit. 


Source: Suburban Wife City Life

100 Sweet Days

Pair this saying with cupcakes (shown above) pieces of candy, or pieces of fruit. 


I Blew Through 100 Days

Make a gumball machine. Add pom poms, buttons, or draw circles to represent 100 gum balls. 

100th Day and Still Poppin

Draw a container of popcorn and draw 100 popcorn kernels or glue on real popcorn pieces. 

100 Days Sprinkled with Fun

Draw a cupcake and add 100 sequins as sprinkles. You could also draw 100 short lines as sprinkles. 



I Tackled 100 Days of School 

Draw 100 footballs or attach foam football stickers. 

100 Days of Scoring Goals

Pair this with soccer balls or hockey pucks. 

I Hit 100 Days out of the Park

Add 100 baseballs and/or baseball bats to the shirt. 


100 Days Sharper

Draw a cactus and 100 pokey lines or glue on 100 toothpicks (Cut off the pointy part of the toothpick first.)

100 Days of Blooming

Draw 100 flowers or use hot glue to attach 100 artificial flowers. 



I Crushed 100 Days of School

Draw a monster truck driving over 100 rocks. You can draw the rocks or cut them out of felt and glue them on. You could also draw hammer above the rocks instead of a monster truck. 

I Blasted Through 100 Days

A rocket on the front of this shirt would be perfect. Include 100 stars if you need 100 of something to add.



100 Days of School

Write 100 tally marks or 10 ten frames or 20 handprints that show 100 fingers. 

100 Days and Counting

Attach plastic pennies to the shirt. They could even be pouring into or out of a piggy bank. 


More Ideas

Eye Made It to 100 Days

Count out and glue on 100 googly eyes and your shirt is done!


Eye Survived 100 Days of School

Googly eyes make this little monster so cute. This is an easy shirt to put together. 


Source: Glued to My Crafts Blog

100 Days Brighter

Attach stars, gems, or sequins to the shirt with this popular saying. 

Source:Nanny to Mommy

I LOVED 100 Days of Kindergarten

Attach foam heart stickers to the shirt and you are done! I love that this is a shirt that your child can do most of on their own. 

100 Days Flew By

I love that they used a cape instead of a t-shirt so your child can take it off during the day easily if they want to. The cape is made from a plastic table cloth material so things glue onto it easily. Make this a simpler design by adding 100 balloons scattered all over the cape or shirt. Draw them on or use pom poms or buttons. 

Poppin My Way Through 100 Days

Cut a piece of bubble wrap that includes 100 circles. Glue it or pin it to the front of the shirt. 

100 days of Cray Cray

Whole crayons will be too heavy for the shirt, but what about reusing pieces of old crayons. Glue 100 pieces (thing 1/3 or 1/4 of the crayon) onto the shirt. Hot glue will make the crayon melt so use a tacky glue with this one. You could even sort them by color and make them into a rainbow. 

100 Magical Days

Unicorn stickers or drawing magic wands would be great for this shirt. 

100 Days Closer to Summer

Draw or paint suns on this shirt or attach foam sun stickers. 

I Rocked 100 Days

Draw 100 music notes on the shirt. I love this idea especially for kids that love to dance or play an instrument. 

HAPPY 100th Day of School

Add hearts or happy emojis with this saying. 

We Lego of 100 Days of School

Attach your smallest or thinest Lego pieces with a hot glue gun. 

Teacher T-shirts

Teachers need to celebrate too. Although let’s be honest, teachers probably buy their shirt or wear the same DIY shirt year after year. Here are some of my favorite sayings for teach shirts.

  • Coffee: Proud Supporter of 100 Days of School
  • My Students are 100 Days Smarter
  • Surviver of 100 days of School (Survivor logo)
  • The One Where It’s Been 100 Days (Friends logo)
  • 100 Days with an Awesome Class


Looking for a great way to celebrate the 100th Day of Kindergarten? These activities, games, and crafts are the perfect way to make learning fun. 

Check out our 100th Day of School Activities for Kindergarten.



Make sure to print our 100th Day of School Coloring Pages too!