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St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers
Are you ready to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day in a fun way? Here are our favorite St. Patrick’s Day toddler activities. These fun ideas are sure to be a hit with little learners. You can even throw a St. Patrick’s Day party at your next play date with these fun holiday activities.

St. Patrick’s Day Activities for Toddlers

These fun ideas will have your toddler learning and having a fun time together. 

St Patrick's Day Toddler Activities
Check out Making Learning Fun for some great printables! I laminated this letter assessment and put out a bowl of colored chips. Younger children will cover the letter and either say the name or sound. to make colorful pots of gold.
St. Patrick's Day Toddler activities
Now this one WAS a little hard, but when done with a parent, they were able to feel successful. I put a block of foam out (Dollar Tree), as well as different colors of pony beads. They beaded the colors on the matching pipe cleaners and then bent them into a rainbow. This activity is great for strengthening fine motor skills.
St. Patrick's Day Toddler activities


How about some color sorting AND magnetism? I put out lots of little objects, either gold or silver, into a divided plastic plate. Add a magnet wand and tots can explore AND sort!


St. Patrick's Day Toddler activities
Kiddos always LOVE sorting pom poms. It is a favorite activity of all of my kids. So I put out a paint tray with sparkly green pompoms and the tongs from my ice bucket!
St. Patrick's Day Toddler activities
How about some rainbow building? I cut circles in various colors of the rainbow. I laminated each piece and then put them in a bucket. Kids had to use their size determination skills and visual cues to build a rainbow on the tray! This activity is great for color recognition too. 
St. Patrick's Day Toddler activities
Feeling thirsty after all that work? We each filled a glass with lemonade and then each tot added a drop of green food coloring. Suddenly, we had VERY special “Leprechaun Lemonade!” What a fun snack!
We worked together to make this DIY rainbow scope from an empty coffee creamer bottle. Then my little leprechaun could see rainbows everywhere! He had a great time with this cute craft. He pretended to be on a search for the end of the rainbow and a pot of gold. 
We love this free printable shamrock shape puzzle for toddlers. You can give your toddler a glue stick to stick them on or reuse it over and over again by printing it onto card stock. 

St. Patrick’s Day Crafts for Toddlers

Shamrock crafts and rainbow crafts will have your toddler getting creative all month long!


St. Patrick's Day Toddler activities
We made shamrocks, too! I punched out a BUNCH of green hearts from construction paper. The toddlers arranged each heart shape and glued them down into a shamrock shape on pre-cut cards, adding a stem to finish it off. Add another heart to make a four-leaf clover.
This Pot of Gold Craft is a counting activity too! We made these pots of gold out of paper plates, glue and string. Then, I wrote a number on each of them and hung them around the house. My daughter took gold coins (cut out of construction paper) and delivered the correct number of coins to each pot of gold. She also wore the pot of gold as a purse for a few weeks. 
You can use this fun craft and activity in different ways. Try writing letters on the gold coins and pots of gold. You can make the pots of gold and coins different colors. This is a great way to practice color recognition and sorting. 
These pouches also make great storage for a treasure hunt. 
Learn Play Imagine uses a green pepper to stamp shamrock prints. Put green paint onto a paper plate and encourage little hands to dip the pepper into the paint and stamp it onto white paper. Try stamping it onto black paper too or white paint on green paper. Adding a little gold glitter to the paint will bring some extra magic to this fun shamrock craft. 
Out of all of the rainbow crafts, this handprint rainbow craft is my favorite. I’m a sucker for handprints. This can be made by more than one child too. 
Make a rainbow with q-tip painting. This rainbow craft can be adjust for toddlers by using bingo markers or a pom pom clipped in a clothes pin to dip into the paint. Draw the lines and challenge your toddler or preschooler to stamp the matching colored paint along each line. 

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bin


This sensory activity is one of our March busy boxes. Check out our how to dye rice tutorial and make rainbow rice or just make the color green and mix it with white rice. Add items from the craft store or dollar store such as gold coins, buttons, green shamrock erasers, a foam leprechaun hat,  and even little plastic cups for scooping and pouring. The best part of this is that kids of all ages are drawn to it and will give it a try. So much fun!


So what do you think of our favorite St. Patrick’s Day activities for toddlers?  Which of these clever ideas will you try first? Could you celebrate the season with some fun themed toddler trays? This is the perfect time to give it a try!




pink and green mama MaryLea

Friday 8th of March 2013

Such a cute list of activities and love the idea of a thematic play date!! The pipe cleaner rainbow is a must do -- sharing with my daughter's teacher!!

Warmly,Pink and Green Mama MaryLea

Kirstylee Cassidy

Thursday 7th of March 2013

I love that pipe cleaner rainbow activity. What a great way to combine color recognition with fine motor skills!