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Learning Activities with Easter Eggs

Learning Activities with Easter Eggs

Whether your Easter baskets are put away or not, there is still time to try these learning activities with Easter eggs. Save an egg carton, plastic Easter eggs, and even foam egg shapes for all of these creative ways to make learning fun! This is the perfect time of year to learn with eggs. 


Learning with Foam Easter Eggs


There are so many ways you can use this pack of foam easter eggs to make learning fun! I got this pack at Target, but you could even cut paper into eggs shapes to make these educational activities. 


Easter Egg Compound Words

Easter Egg Compound Words

Cut each egg into 3 pieces. In the middle section, write the compound word or draw a picture of it. On the top and bottom sections, write the parts of the compound word separately. Challenge your child to match the egg pieces.


Easter Egg Numbers

Easter Egg Number Identification

Cut each egg into 3 pieces. In the middle section, write the sum with a number word and a numeral. Work together with your child to find the top and bottom pieces that add up to your number in the middle. You can draw dots, tally marks, number words, dice pictures, etc. Tricky!


Easter Egg Alphabetical Order

Easter Egg Alphabet Order


Cut each egg into 3 pieces. Write one word for each letter of the alphabet on the pieces, working in order from top to bottom, left to right. Underline the first letter of the word. Try to pick words that mean something to your child (names of people in your family, characters in favorite books or shows, simple words that are referred to when learning letter sounds, etc.). Put the eggs together by reading and putting the words in alphabetical order.

Easter Egg Rhyming Words

Easter Egg Rhyming Words

Cut each egg into 3 pieces. Write rhyming words on each piece or draw a picture of things that rhyme. Match the rhyming words or pictures to put together the eggs. This is a great activity if you have a particular word family that you are practicing. 



These foam egg shapes can also be a cool art experience! Just paint the window with water and stick to windows or the side of the bath tub. So fun!


Learning with Plastic Easter Eggs

If you have a bunch of plastic eggs like we do, then these plastic egg activities are perfect for you!

Spelling with Plastic Eggs

Write each letter on the top of each egg and also on each section of the egg carton. You can use this simple activity for any words you are learning to spell from a sight word to word families. 



Math with Plastic Eggs

Write numbers or dots on the top of each egg and then the matching number or number word in each section of the plastic egg carton. Another idea is to write an addition equation on the egg and the sum in the egg carton and have your child match them. What a great way to get more practice with Math facts. 



Plastic Egg Listening Game

This is a fun way to incorporate sensory play with Easter eggs. Make egg shakers by filling the egg halves with different materials such as jelly beans, noodles, rice, blocks, coins, etc. Fill two eggs with the same ingredients so they will be able to find a match. Challenge a group of children to find the matching eggs by shaking them. This is such a fun game for children of all ages!


Plastic Egg Sequencing

This sequencing activity from School Time Snippets is almost like a puzzle. For younger kids it is great for visual discrimination. For older kids, add a timer and see how fast they can create the sequence. 

Easter Egg Sensory Bin


You can use plastic Easter eggs with a variety of materials to make a fun sensory bin. At Next Comes L, they wrote capital letters on half of the egg and lowercase letters on the other half and filled the bin with Easter grass. It’s lots of fun to play this Easter egg alphabet game by digging through to find the matching letters. Just putting together and taking apart the eggs is great for fine motor skills. 

Other sensory bin base ideas:

  • colored rice
  • kinetic sand
  • water beads
  • pom poms
  • beans

Easter Egg Scavenger Hunts

Hunting for eggs is such a fun activity. Why not sneak in a little learning while they are hunting. 

Puzzle Scavenger Hunt

A great activity for getting extra use out of a puzzle that your child loves is to hid a few pieces inside each egg and then hide the eggs. Kids will find the eggs and then work together to put the puzzle together. 

Night Time Hunt

Activate glow sticks and put one inside each egg before hiding them. This is a fun way to try an egg hunt at night. 

Lego Easter Hunt

Try a Lego Easter hunt like they did at Frugal Fun for Boys. I love this idea because it uses the Legos you already have on hand. 


Plastic Egg Crafts

These 15 Plastic Easter Crafts for Kids from Artsy Craftsy Mom are so adorable and simple to make with her help. Grab a few packs of the plastic eggs after Easter when they are on sale and get crafting!

Make Easter Egg Flower Pots with a hot glue gun and plastic eggs like she did at Made with Happy

Create a simple DIY tic tac toe game with plastic eggs from Activities for Kids.


Plastic Egg Science Experiments


Fizzy baking soda and vinegar eggs from Little Bins for Little Hands.


Try the Sink the Egg STEM challenge from Happy Toddler Play Time. This is so fun and all you need are things you already have on hand. 

A challenging Egg Building STEM Challenge from Educator’s Spin On It


Activities with Real Eggs

Here are some cool ways to use real eggs to make learning fun.

Throwing these paint filled eggs at a canvas is such a cool art experience. See how we set up this painting with eggs invitation. 


Eggs make great planters. We made a DIY Chia Pet with this little egg shell and grass seed. So fun!


We hope you love these fun activities as much as we do and are curious about which ones you will start with. Leave a comment below and let us know. 

Caroline -De tout et de rien-

Friday 18th of April 2014

OMG! I have the exact same foam eggs set and I didn't know what to do with it. That is such a GREAT idea! Thank you!

eva scott

Monday 14th of April 2014

these are great ideas. thanks!!