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Apple Activities for Toddlers

Apple Activities for Toddlers
Fall is coming!! Which means apple season is too! We had so much fun hosting an apple themed tot school. Maybe one of these fun ideas will inspire you, too! These fun apple activities are perfect for this time of year and a great way to practice different skills with your young children.

Toddler Apple Activities

apple themed tot school

Transferring the apples with tongs is so much fun and a great fine motor play activity! I keep my eye out at the Dollar Tree for tiny acrylic apples. Pair those with some tongs (Dollar Tree, four for a dollar) and a round paint tray and you have a great patterning activity! 

There are different ways you can try this activity. You can also use pom poms for this simple activity. It doesn’t have to focus on patterning. Your toddler may do that on their own. The main focus is fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination as the items are transferred to the tray.


apple themed tot school

I picked up a package of Fall-themed shapes at the teacher supply store and then found tiny objects to match each (I think I used an apple, acorn, corn, candy corn, squash, and pumpkin). I also typed up each object’s name and laminated the strips. The kiddos had to match the picture with the word with the object! If you don’t have the exact objects to match the shapes, turn it into a color matching activity. Put fall objects into the bowl and squares of paper to sort them onto.


apple themed tot school
You can’t have an apple-themed playdate without mini apple pie! I made the crust and filler beforehand and the kiddos took turns filling theirs and then adding the pre-cut lattice strips on top. Older children like to try this activity too. It is a fun way to get kids into the kitchen. 
Apple Themed Tot School
We also did some practical life learning by scooping the real apples to make bite sized caramel apples. NOTE: The balled apples must be VERY dry (think: paper towel) in order for the caramel to stick!
apple themed tot school
We had messy fun by making apple trees with paint and corks! The kids dipped the cork into red, brown, yellow, and green paint and added “apples” to the blank trees that the mamas drew. The corks made great apple prints. This is a great time to talk about how apples are different colors. Does your tree have red apples? A green apple? A yellow apple?
apple themed tot school


How about a little apple tree math to practice simple math skills?  I drew a tree and added some numbers on a piece of paper. I used a permanent marker to write the numbers on red glass pebbles and the kids had to match the pebble to the correct circle. You could also make a similar activity to work on the letter A.



Take a trip to a local apple orchard or make your own at home with paper apples. Write letters on different colored apples and hide them around the room. Sing the song that we sang HERE as you find the apples and put them into the matching bin. Say the letter on your apple as you put it in the bin. 


Give this Collect the Apples Game a try! It is a race to 10 and a easy way to practice counting and have fun learning together!


Apple Sensory Activities


I love this apple play dough invitation from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Putting play dough with natural materials to inspire creativity is awesome. Play dough is one of my favorite sensory activities for young children. 

Living Montessori now has 30 sensory bins with an apple theme. Try your favorite or make them all!

Frogs Snails and Puppy Dog Tails makes an Apple Scented Cloud Dough. So much fun for sensory play!


Fun Apple Crafts


Apple Painting Craft for Kids

Try this apple stamping craft to make colorful apple art. This is one of my favorite apple activities. Cut actual apples in half. Try some cut in half vertically and some cut horizontally. Dip the apple into the paint and stamp it on the paper. Notice the apple seeds. How many do you see? 

Make an apple bird feeder like they did at Natural Beach Living

Rip paper and use glue to make a Paper Plate Apple craft like they did at Simply Today Life. Paper plate crafts are always simple and fun crafts for toddlers. 


Apple Science

Want to learn more about apples with your child? Check out these Apple Facts for Kids
Little Bins for Little Hands has several Science experiments using apples that are fun for toddlers and preschoolers to try! One of my favorite experiments is to find out why apples turns brown.
So what do you think? Could you host an apple-themed tot school with tot trays like this?