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Road Trip Bingo Game (free printable)

Road Trip Bingo Game (free printable)

Are you looking for different ways to keep your kids happy and busy on long car rides or even short trips? Give this car bingo game a try.

Car trips can be challenging for children (and parents too). That’s why we try to be prepared with simple road trip activities that are a lot of fun. That includes this fun road trip game. 

Car Bingo for Toddlers and Preschoolers


road trip bingo for young kids


This road trip bingo game is a great way for the whole family to connect as they search for different things along the way. This printable game is made for younger kids. It is simple so there are not too many things to remember or search for. The items can be found in one car trip or revisited on multiple car trips. Look for a bus, a traffic light, or the popular golden arches of McDonalds. 


car bingo for young kids


There are two different bingo cards that you can use (in case it’s a long trip). The first person to spot something that is on the card says it aloud to the rest of the people in the car. Then, it gets check off on the card. Spot an airplane, a motorcycle, a bridge, or even flowers along the road. 

Tips: You can laminate the pages and use a dry erase marker. That they are reusable or easy to erase if there is a mistake. Does a pencil, crayon, or markers make you nervous in the car? Cover the picture with a sticky note or sticker to keep track of what you’ve found during the car game. 

The best part of this travel game is that it includes real photos instead of clip art. This is perfect for younger kids who are playing this game. If you have children that are too young to play road trip bingo, try these toddler travel activities on your next road trip. 



Download the FREE Road Trip Bingo Game


Car Bingo for Older Kids

From car brands and restaurant signs to license plates and scavenger hunts, here are more bingo games for kids of all ages. 

Restaurant Bingo from 3 Boys and a Dog is a fun way for beginning readers to start recognizing environmental print around them. Hunt for these common restaurants. 

This car bingo game from This Reading Mama includes more items on a page and a free space like traditional bingo. 

 Reading-with-Kids has a travel scavenger hunt list. That might be easier for some children to work with. 

Remember looking for license plates when you were a kid to see how many different states you could find? This license plate game from I Heart Organizing will  help your kids keep track of the states they have found and ones they are still searching for. 

Your car lover will have fun looking for different brands of cars on this free printable from That’s What Che Said.

The Suburban Mom has a road trip game that challenges older kids to hunt for different road signs along the way. This may be too visually challenging for preschoolers and is better for upper elementary aged kids. 



Monday 2nd of November 2009

Oh how I wish I'd have found your blog sooner! We just got back from a 2+ hour car ride today...these would have been great to have!


Sunday 25th of October 2009

We would definitely go with stickers rather than a marker. That could be disastrous! lol Super fun idea!