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Rocket Activities for Kids

Rocket Activities for Kids

Are you looking for activities and crafts with a space theme? You can come to the right place. Here are a collection of the best rocket activities and outer space crafts that you and your kids will love!


Only Room for Two


I’m thrilled with the feedback I’ve gotten on my newest book, Only Room for Two! It is an adventurous story of friendship where the children learn the value of teamwork and including others. In this book, Blake and Natalie are on an adventure to the moon. Their excitement for space inspired me to put together this collection of rocket activities and crafts to go with it.


Rocket Math Activities


Roll and Trace Rocket Game

To play this dice game. Roll a die look at the chart to find the number you rolled. Trace the shape on the rocket that matches what you rolled. Keep rolling and tracing. When the rocket is drawn, you win! Laminate this page and use it with a dry erase marker to play again and again. What a fun way to develop fine motor skills. 



Rocket Roll and Graph

Clipart by Lilli Clipart

This simple activity is a race of the rockets! Which rocket will get to the top first? Roll the die and color in one square above the matching rocket. Keep rolling and graphing. The first rocket that gets to the top is the winner. 




Roll a Rocket Dice Game from Free Preschool Printables

This game is a great way to practice number recognition and is so much fun. First, cut apart the strips or have your child do it. Mix up the pieces and roll the die. Find the piece for the number you rolled. When you have collected all of the pieces, put together the rocket to win.

It is really interesting to watch children to see how they organize this activity. Do they start putting their pieces in order as they get them? Or do they keep them all in a pile and put them together at the end? 



Practice shape recognition and build rocket ships with this free printable from Stay at Home Educator. I appreciate that this is an open ended activity to use shapes to create the rocket ship in any way they want. 


Rocket Literacy Activities


Rocket Alphabet Matching from Free Preschool Printables

Cut apart the cards and match the top of the rocket with the capital letter to the bottom of the rocket with the lowercase letter. This is a fun activity to practice letter recognition. 



Spell your name with a paper rocket like they did at Pocket of Preschool. The best part about this activity is that when they make their own rocket they are also comparing how many letters each name has and it is a great visual for longer words and shorter words.  

Sort beginning letter sounds with this free printable from Abcs of Literacy. This is a great activity to put in a literacy center. You can even add magnets or velcro to the pieces to work on sorting using a vertical surface. 

The Kindergarten Connection has free rhyming rockets. Rhyming is an important literacy skill to practice over and over again. 

Tot Schooling has a free printable to practice spelling CVC words with this Rocket Reading Activity. 


Rocket Crafts


Try a puffy paint rocket craft like they did at Toddler Approved

How about building rockets out of extra materials like these junk model space rockets from Nurture Store.

Make a bottle rocket from a soda bottle like they did at Toddler Approved. I love how they pour the paint inside and swirl it around by moving the bottle. Such a cool art experience as you make a simple rocket. 

I love easy crafts using toilet paper tubes or cardboard tubes because we always have them on hand. Add some construction paper and your rocket is ready. This great craft from Simple Living Creative Learning will be awesome for hours of pretend play. 


Rocket Science


These straw rockets from Buggy and Buddy are easy to make and super fun to experiment with. Attach the printable rockets to the top of the straw and let the rocket launch begin. What will happen if you change it to a bendy straw or a larger straw? There are so many ways to experiment with these making it a fun STEM challenge. 

Another great STEM activity is to make simple balloon rockets from 10 Minutes of Quality Time. Kids of all ages love this activity!

Make rockets out of film canisters from Science Sparks. Watching how high these rockets can blast into the sky is incredible!

I love when Science experiments combine art. Try rocket launch painting from The Science Kiddo.


Planet Activities and Crafts

Create planet suncatchers from Mom Brite

Make planet puppets from Modern Homestead Mama.

A Sprinkle of Pink compares the phases of the moon with cookies! What a delicious way to experience a Science concept!

How big is the solar system? This is a great experiment and illustration of outer space from Teach Beside Me.


Constellation Activities and Crafts


How about these fun space activities? Make constellations out of marshmallows and toothpicks like we did in this marshmallow constellation craft (with a free printable). 

Free Stargazing Resource for Kids



Make DIY letter constellations with your preschooler! These are so fun to look into and see what letter it is.