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Georgia O’Keefe Inspired Art for Kids

Georgia O’Keefe Inspired Art for Kids

There are many famous artists out there. But one of the most famous American artists is Georgia O’Keeffe. She is best known for her painting of flowers.

She was born on a sun prairie farm in Wisconsin in 1887. Leaving the farm at 15, she became one of the most famous painters in history. A famous work Georgia is known for is a painting titled Jimson Weed.

These 13 O’Keeffe activities for kids are great for young kids and older kids! These activities will be a great way to let them learn a little about the American artist Georgia O’Keeffe and give them a fun art lesson! 

O’Keeffe Printable Puzzle


This printable puzzle is a fun way to experience Georgia O’Keefe’s artwork. Print the puzzle onto card stock. Then, cut apart the pieces. Print the puzzle in black and white onto card stock. Use the black and white copy as your puzzle mat. Students can match the pieces to the black and white mat to solve the puzzle. Pieces can also be glued down to take the final art piece home. 

Download the Georgia O’Keeffe Puzzle


O’Keeffe Activities For Kids

These O’Keeffe activities for kids are great for all ages. The best thing is you do not need to be an art teacher to share her beautiful works of art with your children! 



Artist Study: Georgia O’Keeffe

Already done lessons and activities are always easier. If you want your children to create art similar to Georgia O’Keeffe’s and learn a little about her life, art style, and inspiration, This artist study may be the perfect thing for you. Source: Painted Paper Art 


Flower Bowls

Georgia O’Keeffe is best known for her flower paintings. Turn these famous paintings into clay bowls. Using a bowl from around your house. Add clay and paints. You can create a beautiful bowl representing one of her famous paintings. Source: The Crayon Lab


Georgia O’Keeffe Coloring Page

If you have younger kids, this coloring page is the perfect activity for them. Inspired by a painting by O’Keeffe, this coloring page is perfect! Source: Happy Art Family



These poppies use construction paper, paints, and tissue paper. The center of the flower comes alive with crumpled-up black paper, making it 3D. Perfect for young children, they can practice mixing colors and cutting skills. Source: Painted Paper Art



Georgia’s Flowers

These beautiful flowers are full of different color combinations. They are made of ripped, cut, and crumpled construction paper. A great way to let your child represent their own take on her beautiful flower paintings. Source: Laugh Paint Create


Tissue Paper Flower Collages 

This flower art project is perfect for older kids. Creating a flower out of tissue paper can be a great challenge since there are so many ways to accomplish the task. Children can crumple the tissue paper, lay it flat, cut it, and make the outline of the flower a different color. Really their imagination can run wild! Source: Suffield Elementary Art Blog


O’Keeffe Skull Game

One of Georgia O’Keeffe’s most famous pieces of work is Cow Skill With Calico Roses. This activity is inspired by that beautiful piece of art. Create a beautiful piece of Georgia O’Keeffe-inspired art while playing a dice game!

Using cool colors or bright colors. Roll the die to see what pattern your background will include. With lots of details, this art game will look beautiful when your child is finished playing! Source: Glitter Meets Glue


Ladder To The Moon 

The watercolor wash background turns into a beautiful desert nighttime scene. It includes a ripped paper ladder trying to touch the moon! Your child can finish it by adding oil pastel stars and a moon. Source: Painted Paper Art



Cloud Painting

Let your child take on a different painting perspective and look at clouds from a bird’s eye view or as if they were laying on the ground. Use watercolor paint to show what colors the clouds turn during sunrise, sunset, or thunderstorms. Source: O’Keeffe Museum


Puffy Paint Flowers 

This flower project looks so alive because of the puffy black outline of the flower. Using glue and black paint to create this sharp darker color around the flower, it creates a puffy paint outline that really makes the flower stand out! Source: Messy Little Monster


O’Keeffe Apples

A project using cardboard is totally cool! These apples start to pop out of the page using model magic and twigs! It’s amazing how life-like Georgia O’Keeffe’s apple painting was. Now, your child to recreate that magic! Source: Painted Paper Art


Winter Trees 

A fun and beautiful activity using watercolor paint, watercolor paper, and a spray bottle. Your child can create winter trees based on one of Georgia O’Keeffe’s famous paintings. To make this project even more beautiful and fun, use a spray bottle to mist the watercolors while still wet. Misting the watercolor allows the paint of the tree branches to be pushed around by a paintbrush and become blurry or “ghostly.” Source: Woo! Jr. Kids Activities


Georgia O’Keeffe Picture Book List

O’Keeffe’s paintings are some of history’s most famous and beautiful paintings. While the activities mentioned above are a fun way to learn a little bit about her, reading about her life and her inspiration can add a lot of depth to an activity. Here are some picture books you may want to read to help your child see the world through Georgia’s eyes. (affiliate links)


These books and activities are some of the most fun your children will have while studying the famous author Georgia O’Keeffe. Including these Georgia O’Keeffe inspired art activities in your next art lesson or spring curriculum will ensure your kids learn about a great artist and become one!