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6 Easy Mosaic Crafts for Kids

6 Easy Mosaic Crafts for Kids
Mosaic crafts are fun for kids of all ages. Traditional mosaics of ceramic tile and grout can be intimidating. Try creating these mosaics using materials you already have around your house. Add your own creativity and let the fun begin!
Sticker Mosaic Crafts

Sticker Mosaic

This mosaic project is a fun way to use any extra stickers you have in your craft supplies. Working with stickers strengthens fine motor skills. Draw a simple shape for younger children to fill in and a more detailed design for older children to work on. Small squares of paper are easier to fill and finish.

Crayon Mosaic Crafts

Broken Crayon Mosaic

This beautiful mosaic is a great way to put broken or old crayons to use. Start with a thick piece of cardboard. You can also use styrofoam produce trays as your base.

Next, draw a simple design. We chose an Angry Bird because that was a popular theme in our house at that time.

Break crayons into small pieces. Keep the different shades of colors separate in this step so you don’t have to sort them later. Break them by putting them into a large ziplock bag and hitting them with a hammer or rolling them with a rolling pin.

Paint a thick layer of white glue in the section you are starting in. You want the glue to be thick so it can hold the crayon. We started with the orange beak in this design.

Place the crayon pieces close together in that section. Then, move to a different section. Keep working until your design is complete.

Working on a little bit at a time allows for you to pause the project and come back to it later. That may be important for young artists as detailed mosaic work takes a lot of concentration.


Preschool Mosaic Crafts

Color Mosaic

This easy craft is a simple way to explore and learn colors! Decide which color you are going to work with before you start.

Start with a piece of paper. We used construction paper. Draw a simple shape. We drew three heart shapes to make this shamrock. Simple shapes could include a heart, kite, umbrella, Christmas tree, snowman, flower, etc.

Next, outline the shape with the color you are using. You can outline it with marker or glue on yarn or ribbon.

Then, go on a color hunt. Search through old magazines. Look in craft supplies or even the junk drawer for objects of that color. Glue the objects into the shape to complete this easy project.

Family Mosaic Crafts

Mosaic Table Runner

You could easily turn this fun idea into a holiday themed tradition! Write what you are thankful for on pieces of paper shaped like leaves for the Fall. Rip red and white pieces of paper for a Christmas mosaic table runner. Cut out circles with birthday colors for a party. This is so much fun to do as a family.

This craft uses large pieces of contact paper, paper pieces, and wrapping paper. Unwrap a large piece of contact paper. Place it sticky side up. Arrange the paper scraps and stick them onto the sticky side of the contact paper. Make sure that if there are any words that they are placed face down so that they will show later.

When all of your paper scraps are stuck onto the contact paper you are ready to seal it. Unroll a piece of wrapping paper (design face down) onto the sticky side of the contact paper. This will seal your table runner. The design of the wrapping paper will show through adding a fun detail.


Pasta Mosaic Crafts

Pasta Mosaic

Noodles and paint are the perfect go to rainy day craft. Buy different shaped noodles and even corn kernels. Glue them onto a piece of construction paper or poster board. Let them dry. Once it is dry, add paint and glitter to your masterpiece.


Recycled Mosaic Crafts

Bottle Top Color Wheel Mosaic

Instead of sending your plastic lid to the recycling bin, save them to make this mosaic creation. On a piece of poster board, draw a large circle. Divide it into six sections.

There are two ways to go about this project. One way is to collect lids for a long time. The lids can be different sizes too. When you have enough, glue them on, filling each section. Then, paint the lids of each section.

Another way to try this is to make it an ongoing project. As you collect a lid, paint it and glue it on. Over time you will see the color wheel begin to fill up.


Which of these awesome mosaic crafts are you going to try first? Whether you use stickers, paper, or recycled items, you are sure to create something fantastic and unique.