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The Bean Game (Combinations of 10)

The Bean Game (Combinations of 10)
The Bean Game is a fun way to experience combinations of 10. This game is easy to prepare and simple to play, yet provides hours of fun!
The Bean Game
  • a cup
  • 10 lima beans
  • sharpie marker
Preparation: Color one side of each bean black
How to Play:
  1. Shake your beans in your cup and dump them out onto the table.
  2. Sort the beans into two piles, one pile for the beans that flipped to the black side and one pile for the beans that flipped to their regular side.
  3. Count the beans that have the black side up. Whoever has the most, wins. If you are playing a one player game, if you have more black than regular, you get a point.
The Bean Game
You could also start with 5 beans and work your way up to 10. I’d recommend using white lima beans instead of the smaller brown bean. If there was more of a contrast I think it would be easier to sort and count.
What a great game to practice counting, experimenting with more and less, and without even knowing it getting some exposure to combinations of 10!


Thursday 28th of October 2010

What a great idea. The children love new games. We have got to try this. Thanks for sharing