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Simple 19 Month Old Learning Activities to Do at Home

Simple 19 Month Old Learning Activities to Do at Home
G is 19 months old and this may be my very favorite age! He LOVES sitting down to “do work” together so we spent the month exploring lots of new learning activities. I found these 19 month old learning activities to be super fun for a tiny tot!
19 Month Old Learning Activities

Peg Board

We have peg board and chunky pegs and I highly recommend it for little hands! Not only is this simple activity great for fine motor skills, it provided us with a great opportunity to talk about colors.


I throw all of our magnets and magnetic letters into a giant ziploc bag and pull it out occasionally. He likes to sit in front of the washer and dryer (ours is located centrally in our kitchen) and play. This is a great activity that can be used for sorting, counting, and creative play. We have some of THESE and some of THESE.


This silly game has brought hours of entertainment lately! While he improves his hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills, we get a kick out of watching him squeal and play!


19 Month Old Learning Activities


G can NOT get enough of puzzles this month and spends a long time working with them! Our favorites are those from Melissa and Doug; such high quality and durable products!

First Word Cards

We have a set of THESE and they are AWESOME for language development, a BIG milestone this month.  These are touch-and-feel so not only does he get sound practice, he gets a sensory experience, too.


Bust out the Jenga game and let your tot build! This is a great way to use this game for young toddlers and it will continue to grow with him. He LOVES making towers (and then, of course, knocking them over!).

19 Month Old Learning Activities


G absolutely loves when I get out big chart paper and trace his hands, feet, or even whole body. It’s a great chance to build vocabulary and he gets to do large motion scribbles.


Pattern Kit

So, even though we aren’t technically “patterning” yet, he does a great job of threading the beads on the sticks. Plus, it’s another opportunity to build in vocabulary as you talk about colors and shapes! This Pattern Kit is what we have and it’s a great fine motor activity for my toddler and for older kids like my kindergartner!


Sensory Tubs

This is by far his favorite learning activity. This month, I used rice and Thanksgiving themed small objects and pom poms to make a sensory bin. The rice DOES make a mess (even if I sit him on a towel) but it is easy clean up with a vacuum, whereas pinto beans are a little trickier!


Whew! What a fun month of learning experiences with my tot! What 19 Month Old Learning Activities will you try first? What toddler activities do your little ones love? We hope you love these great ideas and different activities for young children.

More Simple Activities for Your 19 Month Old:

  • Explore bubble wrap! Easy ways to use it is to pop it, walk on it, and paint it.
  • Another activity idea is to use household items such as pots and wooden spoons to make musical instruments.
  • Push cotton balls into a plastic bottle for an easy activity that builds concentration and fine motor skills.
  • Water play in the bathtub or water table. Just add bowls, spoons, and funnels.
  • Sing songs together.
  • Chant nursery rhymes together (the more the better)!
  • If you have big cardboard boxes, let your child sit inside the empty box and color. Or turn it into chance for pretend play and pretend it’s a car for your toddler to drive.



Thursday 14th of January 2016

My daughter loves play dough, duplos, playing a game where we choose one of her toys and we say, "This is the ______. I'm going to hide it. Then I hide it and say, "Where's the _____?" and she loves to go find it. We often play were a plastic giraffe toy she has. We play a "clean up" game where I sing the clean up song from Barney and I describe certain items and ask her to put it in the box. She loves it!

The Activity Mom

Sunday 21st of April 2013

You can find it at Target. I also see them at a lot of garage sales.


Monday 15th of April 2013

I can not find the game whack-a-mole anywhere! where did you find yours?

The Activity Mom

Sunday 9th of December 2012

Sheena, the link is fixed! Thanks for letting us know.

Heather N

Friday 7th of December 2012

My son is 19 months! How cool! I will definitely be looking into some of these to use with him during "school time!" Thanks!