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Sign Language Alphabet Book for Kids (free printable)

Sign Language Alphabet Book for Kids (free printable)

Here’s a free printable sign language alphabet book for kids. There are many different ways to use these asl flashcards to make learning fun for kids of all ages!

Did you use baby sign language with your child when they were younger? I used a few signs with my baby and it was such a great resource for communicating. It was a great introduction for me to the world of American Sign Language.

The ASL alphabet cards are a great tool for teaching children sign language and also for strengthening finger dexterity (being able to separate and move the fingers independently). Finger dexterity is important for writing. Use this printable set to learn the basic signs of the letters of the alphabet.

Sign Language Alphabet Book

Communicating without speaking is a really intriguing concept to children. They enjoy learning each of the hand movements to spell different words and also the signs of different animals and common sayings.

ASL Alphabet Printables

For preschool age children, finger isolation and finger dexterity are essential for fine motor skill tasks such as holding a pencil or using scissors. Using your fingers and hands to sign the letters will strengthen those muscles. Use the printable flashcards of this ASL resource to help guide you. 


ASL Alphabet Printables

Here are a myriad of ways you can use these ASL alphabet printables to make learning fun:

Make ASL Alphabet Flashcards: 

Simply print and cut apart! Kids can learn these at a young age. 

Make an ASL Dictionary

Print it out and leave it in book form to refer to (like an ASL dictionary). Write different words on the back of each letter that start with that letter. 

Song and Sign Language

Sign the letters along with the Alphabet Song. This will take a lot of practice to flow through the alphabet smoothly, but what a cool skill when you learn it!

Alphabetical Order

Cut apart the cards, mix them up, and put the letters in alphabetical order. What a great way to use this pdf file. 

Spell and Sign Your Name

Find the letters of your name, put them in order, and learn to sign your name. This is a fun way to practice spelling your name.

Spell and Sign Your Family’s Names

Spell the names of your family members. Practice signing the names at dinner. 

Letter Matching

Using letter magnets or puzzle pieces, match a letter to each card and sign the letter when you match it. What a great alphabet activity for young children!

Spell CVC Words

Spell short words (CVC words) with the cards and learn to sign them quickly. Sound out the word as you sign it. 

Spell Sight Words

Practice spelling sight words in literacy centers. Have the letters already in order to spell sight words. Students can flip to a new sight word, sign it, and read it. Use multiple copies of this printable pack to get started. 

Play Memory

Print two copies and make a Memory Matching Game. Start with ten pairs instead of the whole alphabet. Perfect for Kindergarten classrooms.

Printable ASL Alphabet Classroom Banner

Print each letter of the alphabet. Use them as an alphabet banner in the classroom or as a compliment to your word wall.


FREE ASL Alphabet Flashcards


Download the FREE Printable Sign Language Alphabet Book

Here are 100+ Alphabet Activities that we have tried with our kids!


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Harper White

Tuesday 19th of December 2023

Thank you so much!As an 11 year old learning sign this was very helpful.