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Five Frame War – A Kindergarten Math Game (printable)

Five Frame War – A Kindergarten Math Game (printable)

Give this FREE Five Frame War game a try! It is a great way to build number sense. This fun game gives students lots of practice with basic math skills in a fun way. Having a solid foundation of the concept of 5 is important before moving to the concept of 10. 


5 Frame War


Targeted Skills:

  • number bonds
  • counting
  • number sense skills
  • combinations of 5
  • number recognition
  • critical thinking

Targeted Age:

  • Preschool Students
  • Kindergarten Students

5 Frame War Math Game FREE Printable


  1. Print 2 sets of the 5 frame cards.  **We recommend printing each set onto different colored paper so it is easier for the children to divide the cards and start the game.
  2. This is a 2 player game. Each player flips over their top card.
  3. The player with the largest 5 frame takes the cards.
  4. If both 5 frames are equal, that is “war”. Flip another card to see who gets the pile.
  5. When all of the cards have been flipped, count the cards you won. The player with the most cards wins.


The best part is these 5 frame cards can also be used in different ways!

Math Talks – They can be used in math talks with a game called “Flash It”. I briefly flash a five frame and challenge my students to not only know how many were on the card, but to also explain their thinking of how they knew that was the answer even though I flashed it so quickly. It takes some time to steer them away from the answer of “I just knew.”, but being able to verbalize their thinking is an important skill and this is a great time to practice it. 

Math Centers – Put this game with other fun math games as a choice for your students to pick from and play independently or as a pair. 

Memory – Use the cards to play a game of Memory and find the matching pairs. 

Find the Matching Number – Give numeral cards or numeral magnets and have  your child find the matching number in the five frames. 


Download the Five Frame War Game

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