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Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers

Fun Winter Activities for Toddlers
Are you looking for indoor activities for cold Winter days? Here are our favorite fun Winter activities for toddlers. How much fun would it be to a host a Winter Tot School? Invite your favorite two year olds and three year olds and have fun learning a variety of skills with these Winter toddler activities.

Winter Toddler Activities

Host a Winter Tot School

Trays are always a great thing to have out for toddler activities because they can be rotated around and can be done independently or in pairs.

Catch the Winter Birds

I found some bird beads at a craft store and put them in a bowl. Then, I set out a bowl of rice or “snow” and a slotted spoon. First the child hides the birds in the rice and then tries to catch them by carefully using the spoon.


Winter Dough

Make up a batch of play dough (or buy some!) and set out everything they need to build a snowman. We use pipe cleaners snipped short for arms, glass pebbles for eyes, and pony beads for mouths. Small buttons, shells, and pompoms are also fun!


Snowball Hide

Get those little finger muscles moving! Put out a pill box and bowl of tiny white pompoms or cotton balls. The child has to open each door and pop a pom pom in. Dollar Tree has GREAT pill boxes! This fun activity is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills.

Host a Winter Tot School


Snowflakes are so much fun and make the best Winter crafts, even if you live where it NEVER snows! How about a simple snowflake craft that kids of all ages will have fun creating.

Craft Stick Snowflake

For the first set, I hot glued popsicle sticks together and set out sequins. They used regular white glue to decorate!

Pipe Cleaner Snowflake

The other snowflakes were made by bending pipe cleaners over each other and stringing pony beads onto each section of the snowflake. I folded the tips over so that they weren’t sharp. This easy craft is best for older toddlers. 


Host a Winter Tot School

Sorting Snowballs by Size

I used three different sized pompoms, a pair of tongs from the Dollar Tree, and three small bowls. Kids worked to sort the pompoms by size!

Snowball Patterning

Paint trays are so fun and versatile! For this, kids could tong the snowballs or, if they seemed ready, pattern the snowballs by color. I used marbles, but you could also use pom poms or buttons.


Sensory Play

These sensory activities are sure to be a hit with your toddlers!

Cloud Dough


Cloud Dough

Make the best two ingredient cloud dough! Getting those little hands in there to mix up the ingredients is so much fun. Add food coloring to make it different colors if desired. Set out different containers, a muffin tin, and spoons and let the pretend play begin!


Fake Snow

Bring the Winter fun inside with fake snow. Use shaving cream on a baking sheet or in a container, add a few of your child’s favorite characters, and let the fun being. The best part is it smells great and is easy to clean up.


Snowball Sensory Bin

Make a sensory bin out of cotton balls and Winter themed items. Little kids will enjoy digging, scooping, dumping, and pretending.


More Winter Activities for Toddlers

Try these activities using REAL snow inside from Messy Little Monster.

Make a Winter sensory bottle like they did at Life Over C

Build an obstacle course inside using pillows, cushions, painters tape, and balls for a fun way for young children to burn excess energy. Or host a Toddler Winter Olympics like they did at Busy Toddler.

Here are more Winter crafts from How Wee Learn

Make a snow fort in the living room with sheets and furniture. Bring in flashlights and ready your favorite Winter books. We recommend reading The Mitten and trying these crafts and activities too.

Living Life and Learning shows you how to make the most beautiful toilet paper roll snowflakes with your toddler using white paint on construction paper.

Try this bubble wrap snowman craft from The Resourceful Mama

How about a science experiment for toddlers? Working with baking soda and vinegar explores chemical reactions and toddlers love trying it over and over again! I love that there are so many different ways to experiment with baking soda and vinegar. 

Have an indoor snowball fight. Use crumpled paper, balls of socks, or cotton balls. Amazon also sells indoor snowballs that are easy to pick up afterwards. 


We hope your young children love these fun ideas as much as we do!

Kirstylee Cassidy

Thursday 10th of January 2013

What a great idea to do tot school for a play group! I will definitely have to do that soon. Thanks for all the great winter activities. My little ones will love those beaded snowflakes.

Elizabeth Argo

Thursday 10th of January 2013

Great, easy, doable ideas. Thanks!